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  5. "Jee! Hyvä Suomi!"

"Jee! Hyvä Suomi!"

Translation:Yay! Go Finland!

June 26, 2020



Hyva means good. Does it also mean go or is it contextual meaning here


It's the contextual meaning. That's what you would say when Finland scores a goal in ice hockey, for example. The literal translation of "Go Finland" ("Mene Suomi") would not work here at all.


I really don't like "Yay!" in this translation, I think "Yes!" would do just as well.


I would translate it yay because both are noices humans make rather than words like "yes/kyllä" (or "joo" in puhekieli)


l dont understant this totally,hyvä and go


"Hyvä" means "good". "Go" as in "go to places" would be "mennä" in Finnish ("Mene!" would be you ordering someone/thing to go.)

However, while in English you'd cheer someone/thing on (maybe you favourite sports team) with "Go team!" or something similar, in Finnish that is expressed with "hyvä" as in "Hyvä Suomi!", "Hyvä Anna!", "Hyvä, hyvä!".

So while "hyvä Suomi" directly translated would be "good Finland", its contextual meaning is "Go Finland!" etc.


i should be able to say yay go suomi


In the event that I am converted to loving sports I guess I'll find myself using this xD

[deactivated user]

    And how the ❤❤❤❤ can I hear exclamation marks????


    Whoops, I stand corrected!!! Yay is simply an alternate spelling of yeah or yea, which have distinct pronunciations and meanings. (Yeah, an informal variant of yes, is pronounced “ya” and sometimes spelled that way; yea, which sounds like yay, survives as an affirmation in biblical contexts and as a counterpart to nay in voting contexts.

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