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"Ça va, tout se passe bien avec les invités."

Translation:It's fine; everything is going well with the guests.

June 26, 2020



Je suis d'accord. Why not: "It's going well; everything is fine with the guests." Seems like a better translation.


N.hilary ... agree. Both should be accepted ... i was marked wrong on this, but it does flow better


I believe the fine and well could be switched; the "ça va" can infer both sentiments of wellness and would be interchangeable in English, "I am fine/well".


Ca va is either that's fine or It's fine .How do we know which it is. It would be nice if you quit changing the meaning.


Could you also say "tous se passent"?


The last time I wrote this I said It's fine and it was marked wrong . Now I repeated it and said that's fine and it was marked wrong again.Does anyone know what they want??????????/


I wrote it the way you said then it was wrong again.


I tried: It's going well everything is fine with the guests. Nope

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