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  5. "Mother, where is Musti?"

"Mother, where is Musti?"

Translation:Äiti, missä Musti on?

June 26, 2020



According to my Finnish girlfriend, it is correct to be both "missä on Musti?" and "missä Musti on?" but the first word order is counted as incorrect.


Your girlfriend is correct. "Äiti, missä on Musti" is clumsier but perfectly understandable.


It's kinda one of those "Well yes, but actually no" kinda things. Sure, it does make sense and gets the intent across but nobody would actually use it in that order


In which order? I am deducing that you mean "Missä on Musti?" is the one that nobody would actually use? That would make sense why they don't accept it then. Thank you all for your comments... I am not going to report it.


If a person learning English said "where Musti is" it would be understandable but clearly not correct.


A lot of these sentences involving 'äiti' have 'mother' as the English, which sounds a little weird. Would changing it to 'Mum'/'Mom' make 'äiti' an inaccurate translation?


I asked my boyfriend and he said no. I always put in "mom" and have never been marked incorrect

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