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"Oh no, the opera house is over there, and father is singing again."

Translation:Voi ei, oopperatalo on tuolla ja isä laulaa taas.

June 26, 2020



Thus is correct as well: Voi vittu, taas isä nolaa itsensä

[deactivated user]

    Taas laulaa Is perfectly acceptable and should be accepted


    Would the following be grammatical? Voi ei, oopperatalo on tuolla ja isä taas laulaa.


    It works fine and means the same thing, but I'd say it's a little bit on the poetic side.


    I'd say a close call. You could get understood, or misunderstood depending on the sentence.

    • Isä laulaa taas = Father sings again
    • (Äiti soittaa kitaraa,) Isä taas laulaa = (Mother plays the guitar,) Father on the other hand is singing.

    , but assuming you're the unlucky person sitting in the backseat of the car driven by your singing dad while breezing by the opera house, it would be really obvious what you meant.


    it sounds just a bit off, completely i ntelligible.

    [deactivated user]

      Isä tass laulaa = father once more is singing perhaps. Yes rather poetic but correct

      [deactivated user]

        I wish you dropped the voi eis and similar. If you wish to teach exclaiming in Finnish, make a separate lesson for that.

        It seems like every sentence has to have a voi ei, auts, oho, no jopas or whatever in it. When I'm speaking with foreigners, I just exclaim in Finnish. Gets the point across anyway.


        I keep having the impulse to write "voi ei" as "oi vei". It's the Yiddishist in me.


        Why not "isä laulaa uudelleen"?

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