"Antoine est un garçon qui a beaucoup de style."

Translation:Antoine is a boy who has a lot of style.

June 26, 2020

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I wrote, 'Antoine is a boy with a lot of style.' Perfectly natural in English and conveys the sense 'who has'. Marked wrong. Reported.


I agree. You wouldn't normally say ' who has a lot of style ' in English.


You totally removed qui a. Why?


Because translation is about finding the words in one language that replicate the meaning in another. I don't know if "Antoine is a very stylish boy" is accepted, but if it isn't, it should be for the same reason as "Antoine is a boy with a lot of style". Nobody would say "Antoine is a boy who has a lot of style" unless they were introducing him at the beginning of a book or something.


A very stylish boy is better English


Peut-être Antoine a l'air chic.


J'espère que cette question tombe entre de bonnes mains...

Antoine c'est un garçon qui a beaucoup de style << le fait que < être un > ne marche pas > est l'une des premiers choses que tu m'a apprise... pourquoi est qu'on en a changé? Bien à vous, M.


In English this would also be Antoine is a boy with a lot of style


who really has style

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