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  5. "You are a lovely couple."

"You are a lovely couple."

Translation:Te olette kaunis pari.

June 26, 2020



Then it should have said beautiful couple, not lovely.


Lovely works as well. Kaunis has more than one translation.


Yes. Depending on the object being described, in English we might use "beautiful, lovely, pretty, nice, fine, fair, or handsome," to name just a few.


I understand that there's some overlap between the two, but does anyone have any advice on when is most appropriate to use kaunis and when to use ihana?


Hmm, it's a bit tricky to give a definite answer to that, but I guess you'd be more likely to use "kaunis" the same way you'd use "beautiful" and "ihana" the same way you'd use "lovely".

"Se oli kaunista" - "that was beautiful", meaning e.g. that you found a song, a ceremony etc. beautiful and touching

"Se oli ihanaa" - that was lovely, meaning that you thought something was wondeful, even refreshing


That's a good place for me to start. Kiitos!

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