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"Il détestait ma façon de danser en boîte de nuit."

Translation:He used to hate my way of dancing in nightclubs.

June 26, 2020



I think 'he used to hate the way I danced in nightclubs' should be OK. Sounds more natural to my ear.


This English sentence suggest to me that what he hated was my habit of dancing in nightclubs. My style of dancing wouldn't be any different if I were not in a nightclub, so that wouldn't make sense. What exactly does the French mean?

Timor mortis conturbat me.


'He used to hate me style of dancing in nightclubs' was marked wrong.?


Example sentences: He used to hate me. He used to hate me and anything connected with me. He used to hate my dog. He used to hate my style of writing. He used to hate my style of dancing in nightclubs.


Preferable to my way of dancing: the way I danced. It should be accepted!


la façon dont je dansais, I believe.

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