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Anyone interested in group learning?

As finnish is one of the hardest language to learn AAAAND we FINALLY got it here for free, I thought of building a group online, where we learners could help each other, learn together, maybe practise speaking, listening, writing and explaining to others and ourselves (then you'll keep almost 70 - 90% of the things you are learning!), see picture:


Is anyone interested?

If yes: which (free) platform should be used? Skype? Discord? ...?

If there is interest, I will take care of the technical stuff, building groups on the platform, collecting membes, give advice/help in technical things etc.

What do you think about it?

June 26, 2020



I like the idea and I am using Discord.

Here is a link to a big server with multiple Discord languages and you can find two or three in Finnish (I share this server so everyone can access other languages servers) : https://discord.gg/jxcVmHJ


discord!! i wanna join


I'll join! Also, discord works best for me


it's a really great idea! i'll join

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