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  5. "Hän puhuu vain vähän koreaa."

"Hän puhuu vain vähän koreaa."

Translation:He only speaks a little bit of Korean.

June 26, 2020



I was marked wrong for "she speaks only..." with the comment that the correct answer is "she only speaks ..." in English this is incorrect or less precise. "She only speaks a lttle bit..." could imply that she doesn't read or write the language but only speaks it while "she speaks only a little bit..." puts the modifyer (only) clöser to the words it modifies (a little bit) thus making the meaning clearer

I am curious. I don't mean to give offense, but since your goals here have to do with teaching Finnish, why do you fuss or quibble about English word order? Often I get marked down for perfectly proper English tranlations, usually having to do with word order. My question is, why do you care? When I earned my degree nobody on my Doctoral committee complained about my English, so what's it to you? I suppose it's really a small matter, but I do find it strange.

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