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  5. "Kahvi, kiitos!"

"Kahvi, kiitos!"

Translation:A coffee, please!

June 26, 2020



in context, shouldn't just Coffee, please be accepted? it makes sense in English.


Yes, but as you say "kahvi" that implies "one cup of/one coffee". If instead you were to say "kahvia, kiitos" with the partitive -a at the end, that would mean "coffee, please" as in "some unspecified amount of coffee".


The answer to "Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?" can in English be "A cup of coffee, please", "A coffee, please" or just "Coffee, please". All should be accepted answers as that's a situation where you'd say "Kahvi, kiitos".


but in English, Coffee is an uncountable noun. People say British English has it but as a BE speaker: no one here says "a coffee" except in very few instances.


I put the same as was marked wrong. Reported.


"Coffee please" (without "a") should be accepted, since what's being judged here is the English translation.

If we were asked to translate "a coffee please" or "some coffee please" from English into Finnish, then the distinction would be important -- "kahvi" vs "kahvia" -- but in English, "coffee please" and "a coffee please" both typically refer to the same thing: a unit of coffee in the specific amount currently being offered.


But kiitos means "thanks"?


Yes! In Finnish there's no word for please so it can't be directly translated, but we use kiitos in many places where you would use please in English


Exactly! Its pretty likely someone would just say "coffee please" in english this should be accepted.

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