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  5. "Onko saksa vaikea kieli?"

"Onko saksa vaikea kieli?"

Translation:Is German a difficult language?

June 26, 2020



No, if we compare it with Finnish :-)

On a side note, I was wondering about the origin of this word, saksa... Perhaps it has the same origin as "Saxon"? Maybe the Finns identified all the Germanic tribes with the Saxons, just as the French did with the Alamanni?


Yes, that's exactly what the origin of saksa is. Basically everyone named Germany based on which tribe they met first. Only the Finns and the Estonians seem to have met the Saxons first. (In Estonian it's "Saksamaa".)


Livonians, a Finnic tribe who lived along the coasts of present Latvia (Gulf of Riga = Gulf of Livonia), called Germany "Saksāmõ", and the language "saksā kēļ". The last fluent native speaker of Livonian, Grizelda Kristiņa, died in June 2013 at the age of 103 years. (In Livonian, long vowels are indicated with a dash above the letter, according to the Latvian pattern).


Cool piece of history. Kiitos!


thats so interesting! thanks! (and kind of sad)


Oh, I see. Thank you very much for such a fast answer! Kiitos!


The slavic words are derived from a word meaning mute. They didn't speak like them, so they called them mute, apparently.


I highly doubt that only the Finns have met the Saxons first. On a side note: The people who are usually called Saxons today in Germany have nothing to do with these Saxons.
The original Saxons are people from the north west (who spoke Low Saxon or Proto West Germanic dialects before that). I'd expect that every Nordic country has met Saxons at first and in Celtic languages (and maybe also Scots?), Saxon can also stand for English (language or people).


At least Finnish doesn't have der die das... kills everyone. Even natives sometimes.


I'll take der, die, das anytime over the Finnish consonants (k, p, t) gradation :-)


When does it kill natives? xD


When it comes to der/die/das Nutella. We fight huge wars about this issue xD


That is because of the Nutella, not the der die das XD


der, das Ketchup, der, die, das Rewe, der, die, das Nutella, der, das Kommentar, der, das Laptop, der, die, das Paprika, der, das Marzipan, oder der Apostroph, nicht das Apostroph


Wieso sollte man sich streiten. Wir wissen doch alle, dass das Wort "die Nutella" heißt


Stay clean bro' just stick to marmite 'der marmite, übrigens' and you'll avoid the gender issues and gastric hell


Is finnish difficult then it's pretty easy so far...i am uneducated in this subject aha hdbiehlrdkrsn


Weirdly in Irish English is refeed to 'saxan'


Ach Quatsch, überhaupt nicht ;)


Ist ja wunderbar!


As an Estonian, Finnish is definitely easier than German.


So far I agree... but we haven't got to the various pasts yet....:) :)

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