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  5. "Unkari on niin kaunis kieli."

"Unkari on niin kaunis kieli."

Translation:Hungarian is such a beautiful language.

June 26, 2020



And a cousin of the Finnish language!


I live in Finland and asked several Hungarians who also live here whether Finnish and Hungarian languages are close to each other (so, it would be easier for Hungarians to learn Finnish)? But most of them answered that not at all! It's still really difficult for them to learn their "cousin" language.


Yes, English and Hindi are also distant relatives... But I wouldn’t consider Hindi an easy language for English speakers. But I guess Estonian and Finnish are more like siblings, right?


Well, I guess part of the reason is that English is on the one border of the Indo-European spectrum while Hindi is closer to the other side. And English is on the more simplified/analytic side


Alphabets make a real difference, too- big differences between them make it hard to see what similarities there are- at least to the non-experts.


I'd imagine it was a bit easier for Hungarians to learn Finnish and vice versa than for Indo-Europeans to learn either, because the basic logic how the language works is similar (suffixes, cases, all that) but yeah, the languages separated probably somewhere around 4000 years ago so they are not very close, English and Hindi is a good comparison.

Estonian is relatively close, so even when a Finnish-speaker hasn't studied any Estonian he can understand at least something (not all and some of it wrong) and if you know one you definitely have it easier to learn the other. Some smaller languages spoken around Finnish Gulf are close too (karjala, liivi, vepsä etc)


I can confirm this. So far i noticed only one thing, the pronunciation of Finnish language that is easier for us.


I am Hungarian and I really enjoy learning Finnish, but we couldn't understand each other in spite of being "language relatives". Even though it's quite difficult, it's also very funny, just like Hungarian might sound to a foreigner. For example söpö pupu is cuki nyuszi :D


Köszönöm puszi <3


Igen! Hungarian is a very nice language to use, especially when it becomes instinctive, rather than you worrying about getting all your suffixes in the right order :)

The sounds of the two languages are very different. I think the choice of voices for the Finnish course is a nicer one. There are lovely soft Hungarian accents, not just the rather harsh, determined one on Duo, but Finnish sounds like something from another world!

I am sure I'm influenced by the Finns I've met, (who have all been nice) and what I imagine about the country, but Finnish sounds like a language designed for poetry and snow! Hungarian feels like a no-frills language: practical, down-to-earth, straight-forward and hard-working- but again, maybe that's just my experience of most of the older generation that I've met when I've spent time there.


Kiitos! Köszönjük! :) Suomi on myös kaunis kieli.


És nagyon nehéz. Hogy finn


Nagyon nehéz. Mint a finn :)


I am lucky to speak it as a first language.


Thats my next goal after Finnish! I tried it, and couldnt get to grips with the word order, so I came back to Finnish and I'll retry Hungarian later


I am lucky enough to have lived in both Finland and Hungary, and never saw any similarities between the two languages


“Hungarian is so beautiful language” - should be also accepted!!


This is not a valid sentence in standard English grammar.


You could say: "Hungarian is so beautiful". or "Hungarian is such a beautiful language."


Also "Hungarian is so beautiful a language", even though it sounds more literary, I guess.

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