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  5. "Kyllä, kiitos."

"Kyllä, kiitos."

Translation:Yes, please.

June 26, 2020



Yes, thank you is the same


"Yes, thank you" should be correct also.


Yes, thanks should be accepted.


In another exercise I got "wrong" for using "Yes please", and here I get a wrong for "yes, thank you". Both should accepted. Reported.


I see that there has already been much discussion on the use of "kiitos," but I am still very confused. Why is "please" the correct answer here instead of "thank you?" Though strangely, THIS time I didn't get marked wrong for answering "thank you." It's very confusing the way "kiitos" is switched back and forth as sometimes being okay to translate as "thank you" and other times not. I understand there is no direct translation of "please" in Finnish, so if it's used interchangeably as both "thank you" and "please" sort of in the same way English speakers use it, why bother to make either answer wrong?


Yes, "kiitos" is used for both "thank you" and "please".


I believe part of the problem here is lack of context in the question, but still, if everyone seems to agree that it could be either, why has it not been fixed? Or does it not work that way?


Thank you and please should be accepted.


Another addition of "Yes, thank you/thanks" instead of "Yes, please"


Why can't you say 'yes thank you'? Polite people say it all time. And 'yes, thanks' is very common in UK English. If someone asks you if you are feeling happy, how do you reply 'yes, thanks' in Finnish?

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