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"Do you reckon that that berry is poisonous?"

Translation:Luuletko, että tuo marja on myrkyllinen?

June 26, 2020



Correct answer is missing marja


Seconded, just reported this too.


What's all this "reckoning" being done. Very few native English speakers would translate "luulla" as "to reckon".


Agreed, it belongs to certain sub-groups of America - my grandparents would use "I reckon" (with a strong accent), but me and my generation almost certainly would not (except to feign being in a John Wayne movie!).

[deactivated user]

    Reckon is a bit too vernacular American, its more common to use the actual translation " to think"


    I agree, and it sounds a bit old-fashioned to me. You hear it in western movies and maybe down south in America - "Do you think...?" is much more universal


    Marja is missing from the provided answers


    Answer options were wrong: Ice/ it/ plant instead of 'marja'=berry. Also some of the sentences with duo's Finnish are silly, unnaturally translated and weird, even for us Finns.


    The multiple choice answer is missing "marja" -"Luuletko, että tuo on myrkyllinen?". Reported

    [deactivated user]

      When typing "myrkyllainen" in stead of "myrkyllinen" I got no warning. Not sure if it is an error though, because I did have an error in my text (I used Luulet in stead of luuletko). Still I reported it as something else is wrong.


      They let some typos go through


      I think the usage of reckon is old-fashion and is not fitting to be translated as Luulla. Please change them.

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