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"suomalainen piha ja kuuma grilli"

Translation:a Finnish yard and a hot grill

June 26, 2020



What a poetic image


Should barbecue be accepred as well as grill?


I thought so as well, as elsewhere grilli is translated as barbecue


Barbecue should be accepted.


A Finnish garden and a hot grill. 36 inches is a pretty small space for a grill ;)


Yeah, "yard" feels a bit US-English here.


Yard is a better translation for piha (that can mean any kind of outdoor space), as garden for us is puutarha, and that's not usually a place for a grill.


Thanks for that info :) does puutarha refer specifically to the public/landscaped gardens? Regardless though, this question will get me every time because yard is never used like this in UK, any space at the back of a house is always a garden, regardless of what’s on the ground - I’ve never heard anything else.


You can have a "puutarha" of your own, it doesn't need to be public, but they are usually slightly larger and have lots of greenery, fruit trees, berries and/or herbs etc. (Do try searching for "puutarha", "kattopuutarha", "mökkipuutarha" etc.) A "piha" is any kind of outdoor space attached to a house or building. It can look like a "puutarha", or not at all.


I think the most literal translation would be an orchard. But in practice its used for all kinds of gardens, especially if there is gardening involved.


Normally a yard, in the UK, is a small hard surfaced area behind a back to back terrace house that also contained the household toilet.


Interesting! In Northern California, a yard is never hard surfaced. Someone's backyard or side yard or front yard are all going to be green. Usually with grass but many of them are actually gardens nowadays (like my backyard, which is actually a garden, but which we still call backyard).


I have written it without 'a', I guess that the Finnish sentence may be equal to the English translation with or without 'a'. Right?


Why no capital "a" to start the sentence?!


It's not really meant to be a sentence here, just a piece of one. A verb would turn this into a full sentence.

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