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"Meillä on pieni talo mutta suuri piha."

Translation:We have a small house but a large yard.

June 26, 2020



"Piha" can't be "garden"?


Well, in a sense yes, but if you wanted to be exact you would use "puutarha" for "garden".


'Yard' in British English refers to a concrete/paved area, usually at the rear of a house, while 'garden' is a generic term for an area with grass (there might also be flowers, trees, vegetables etc, although not necessarily). I think Rachel's question might have been just to double check which meaning was intended, and if it is a grassy area, at some point you're going to have a lot of confused Brits wondering why 'garden' isn't accepted :)

(I'm aware that 'garden' means something more specific in US English!)


It can indeed be the grassy area where you can plant all sorts of things, but I suppose some people also have a "piha" that's just gravel, for instance, if they aren't much of a gardener. :) In Finnish "piha" and "puutarha" can sometimes overlap, but they have a very different feel to them. If you talk about a "puutarha" there should be lots of plants, whereas a "piha" can be just grass and some bushes. If it's a block of flats/apartment building, the "piha" could e.g. be a playground, some greenery and parking spaces etc.


"English" should always refer to the Queen's English. And the American dialect "English simplified" ;)


This trope is getting so old... American English is not any less complex or sophisticated than British English.


Cute, but you don't really think we got off the ships in the olden days saying "here we all is in South Carolina..."


Millainen piha on talvella?


"We have a small house but a big yard" was marked incorrect. In Finnish there are two words - 'iso' and 'suuri' - and in English there are too, but 'large' and 'big' are virtually synonymous. I've reported it.


Big was marked wrong for suuri. Reported. 22.11.2021


the other choice 'sohva' i think would also work here. i am wondering if anyone has tried it and if it was accepted as correct (as i think it should be)...?


That would be "We have a small house but a sofa yard." That makes no sense because sofa is not an adjective.


sohva is a couch or a sofa. it is not a part of this sentence

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