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  5. "Espanja on komea kieli."

"Espanja on komea kieli."

Translation:Spanish is a handsome language.

June 26, 2020



In English you would never describe a language as 'handsome', but is 'komea kieli' OK in Finnish?


Er... not really. Sounds super weird to me and I would never say it.


Thank you. To be honest I'm confused by the choice of adjectives in the language section (big/large/small/handsome language), not knowing whether they are appropriate in Finnish and only weird in English due to literal translation.


No. This is the first time ever I see a language described handsome.


Can we change this to something more meaningful and useful? I mean, colorless green ideas sleep furiously, but theyre not actually helpful when you're a beginner.


Friendly reminder that downvoting a sentence discussion is not a good idea! When a sentence's tally sits at anywhere below zero, the sentence cannot be searched for any longer; and at -5, it vanishes from the Sentence tab in the forum. Together, this means that the people who need to find these sentences to fix them, answer questions, etc. cannot find them any longer (except through the course itself which is very time consuming!), and thus nothing can be resolved.

So please, don't downvote sentence discussions!

Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.


Thank you for your comment, which reflects what many of us think, and which makes me wonder why downvoting is even an option in the first place. I have to admit that I often find myself upvoting downvotes, not so much to be contrary (well, all right, maybe there's a little of that), but to balance the unfairness, I suppose.


Agreed. on responses to a question, sure, downvote, but on the sentence as a whole? Makes no sense.


si que lo es!! :D


I think they want to mention "magnificent"


Why is is handsome (komea) and not beautiful (kaunis) like in "Suomalainen on kaunis maa" sentences?


in English you'd pretty commonly hear a language called "beautiful" rather than "handsome"


In England/English we would never use handsome


In English no use handsome for language


I really hate having to type "handsome language". It's jarring and wrong.


a "handsome" language?? I don't get it. I really don't

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