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  5. "Hän on mies."

"Hän on mies."

Translation:He is a man.

June 26, 2020



"mies" means "terrible" in German.


And it means "harvest of grain" in Spanish.


Formally, "she is a man" should also be accepted. Did anybody try it?


Yep. But not accepted


Hän is genderless? If then, omg this is going to be way less confusing than russian


I know your pain man


I guess you're not Slavic, since you find Russian as confusing :D


What does ä do?


It's a letter like a-z. Han means nothing in Finnish.


If you go to the browser version of Duolingo, you should be able to view the tips for each course.

”ä” has the IPA value of ⟨æ⟩, like the sound in trap.

”a” has the IPA value of ⟨ɑ⟩, like the sound in palm.


And Finnish letters aren't just a-z, they are a-ö. We have å, ä, ö at the end of our alphabet. Å sounds like Finnish O and it is used mostly only in Swedish names (we have Swedish alternative names for some cities and even rural places in the Southeast area) but ä and ö are frequently used in Finnish, and the sound quality is different from a and o.

A is more like the a in "father" and ä like the a in "cat", o like the initial sound of o in "more" and ö a bit like the i in "third".


Han is solo


"On" in Finnish means "is" in English


Referring to f.e. trans-people and finnish "hän", there should be the answer " she is a man" marked correct. <3

<h1>LGBTQ+ <3</h1>


Actually, it shouldn't be marked correct. If you are referring to someone who is or has transitioned, (for example someone who transitioned from female to male), then you usually use their current pronouns, rather than their previous ones, because that's rude. "She is a man" would probably really offend someone because, despite transitioning and clearly being out to you (since you're aware they are a man), you still choose to call them by their previous pronouns.


"Mies" means man, "nainen" means woman and "hän" means he/she. If the sentence is: hän on mies, you should always aim for he, since it's a man. Vice versa for nainen.

I'm sorry transgender people are being left our here, but this is about learning the language properly, not political corectness.

[deactivated user]

    Actually, transgender people are not being left out, because trans men are men, and trans women are women ;)


    I was looking for this comment

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