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  5. "Where is the kantele?"

"Where is the kantele?"

Translation:Missä kantele on?

June 26, 2020



Missä on kantele - good answer!


Yes, but this feels a bit more like you are looking for a kantele, not the kantele.

Missä piano on? (Where is the piano?)

Missä on piano? (Where is a/(the) piano?)


Tästä huolimatta: "Missä on kantele? " and "Missä kantele on? " are both just as correct, and both should be accepted. Otherwise Duo is teaching us rules that arent there!


I thought so too. Maybe it just hasn't been included yet.


Was wondering the same.


Suomalaisena sanon että voi mennä kummin päin vaan :)

(Translation: As a finnish person I say you can say it either way)

[deactivated user]

    This should be accepted as either missä on kantele or missä kantele on. Ja both are equally valid. In fact the English to be translated is "whee is the kantele" which relates to missä on (where is)...

    There are several comtextural errors like this that remain in fixed.

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