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"Tyttö, joka asuu Pariisissa, halaa miestä, jota sinä rakastat."

Translation:The girl who lives in Paris is hugging the man you love.

June 26, 2020



the man "that" you love could also be correct?


Acceptable in spoken English, but it isn't quite right to use it in reference to people. "Whom" is the only truly grammatically correct word for this sentence.


yeah, i think so


Why is 'hugs' a mistake???


It should be accepted, hugs and is hugging are both correct


Now I want to know the finnish equivalent of whomst'd've


So joka is for referring back to a subject, while jota is back to an object of the preceding clause? And is jota for all sorts of objects or are there more variants, maybe depending on case?


I wouldn't say so. That's what I understand. Joka is a pronoun that means: who, which, that. Jota is the partitive singular form of joka. As a pronoun, joka is the "object" of the verb that it is followed by.

Ketä katselet? (Whom are you looking at?)

N: Tyttöä, joka hymyilee. (Tyttö hymyilee.)

A: Tyttöä, jonka tapasin eilen. (Tapasin tytön.)

G: Tyttöä, jonka haluan. (Haulan tytön.)

P: Tyttöä, jota odotan. (Odotan tyttöä.)

Joka's form seems to depend on the verb that it is followed by. Please correct both my English and Finnish, thank you.


Thanks for this, honestly really useful. Now my head is spinning.


Adding on to this, I believe the relative pronoun refers back to the noun immediately preceding it.


The girl that lives in Paris is hugging the man you love. should also work.

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