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  5. "I have a white bunny."

"I have a white bunny."

Translation:Minulla on valkoinen pupu.

June 26, 2020



Doesn't "on" mean "is"?


There's a little bit more to it; you're right, "on" absolutely does mean "is". But Finnish doesn't have a dedicated verb for "have" like in English. The way that Finnish speakers convey "having" something is to use a different construct, adding -lla or -llä to the subject followed by "on". -lla/-llä is a case ending which roughly means "on top of" or "at".

So "I have" is "minulla on" which literally translated would be "on me is". So directly translating the Finnish "Minulla on valkoinen pupu" word-for-word into English would be "On me is white bunny"


Kiitos paljon. Having a word-for-word translation along with the explanation does really help.


Yes and no. In this case it indicates possession, and therefore cannot be translated as "is". Minulla on, sinulla on, hänellä/sillä on, etc.

Minä omistan valkoisen pupun (I own a white bunny) would be the same thing as this sentence. Does that help?


It does, thank you!


Peepeepoopoo ohhh o


Thank you for the explanation, Wippii!

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