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"Haluatko kakkua vai piirakkaa?"

Translation:Do you want some cake or pie?

June 26, 2020



Why is there word some?


To clarify the purpose of the partitive case. Some cake or pie, not the whole cake or pie.


Shouldn't "a cake or a pie" be accepted too? Still indefinite and sort of vague about what cake or pie exactly


The article 'a' is only used before countable nouns. In fact, it originates from Old English ān, which literally meant 'one'. I believe countable objects would need to be accusative in a sentence like this. So 'Haluatko kakun vai piirakan?'


Reported 9/17/21 for not accepting "Do you want any cake or pie"


Any doesn’t really work here though, “vai” indicates that you are to choose between taking one or the other, while “any” implies no preference over the choice and implies that there is a possibility that neither option is desirable, so the Finnish sentence would have “tai” instead of “vai” for your English sentence.

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