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  5. "Musti on söpö koira."

"Musti on söpö koira."

Translation:Musti is a cute dog.

June 26, 2020



Well, I understand the description, that "Musti" is a traditional dog name, but if that's true, why is there a cartoon series with a cat (!) named Musti? :-D


I guess the Belgian cartoonist didn't speak Finnish and also didn't know that Musti is a traditional dog name in Finland. If you name your cat Musti in Finland, people will be very confused because everyone knows it's the most typical dog name there is.


This always confused me as a Belgian who moved to Finland ^^'


Traditionally used especially as a black dog's name, as "Musti' is like a cutesy version of 'musta' (the color black). But it's usage is not limited to black dogs. Would be weird to come across, say, a white dog called Musti though. :D


But if someone is 'mustis' (colloquial), it's a "cute" way of saying someone is jealous (over a loved one), which is 'mustasukkainen' [one wearing black socks].

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