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"Mummot ja vaarit haluavat ostaa ainakin kymmenen kakkua."

Translation:The grandmas and the grandpas want to buy at least ten cakes.

June 26, 2020



You don't have to put "the" in front of everything you know. This can be really annoying when the correct translation is not acceptable because of an optional article


My answer was rejected because I wrote, "The grandmas and grandpas." That should have been correct because in English, we do not usually put definite or indefinite articles in front of every noun in a list. We are lazier than the French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Germans. Or should that be the French, the Spanish, the Portuguese, and the Germans?


Somehow I just knew leaving out "the" in front of "grandpas" would fail. When you enumerate in English you don't need an article in front of everything.

[deactivated user]

    The is certainly not required here surely?


    The correct answer is not accepted.


    Yep, agreed. I don't know that "the" makes sense at all


    It's pretty common to spell 'grandad' with only one 'd' in British English!

    Funny, it's taking me ages to restore this set of lessons completed a while back, because I keep making the same, what Duolingo considers 'errors' e.g. spelling 'grandad' and omitting 'the'.

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