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"Green polka dots on your wedding dress, are you sure?"

Translation:Des pois verts sur ta robe de mariée, tu es sûre ?

June 26, 2020



Okay, okay. It's a wedding dress. But Duo does a good job of recognising the LGBTQ community in it's exercises. Does "sûre" have to be feminine? :-P


Exactly! It's blooming annoying because I voice type and I don't always notice when Google keyboard has picked the wrong gender, especially when there's no difference in pronunciation. To get it all wrong because of a missing e is very annoying!

On the other point, I know that there are transvestite men (not transgender - different thing entirely but mixed up by many people) who actually love the idea of wearing a wedding dress. I saw on a documentary about some TV chaps, explaining their lives very candidly (and bravely IMHO), and one was able to buy a wedding dress and went to a church and had photos taken of himself there - it had to be outside though. Whereas he was in every other way a typical straight bloke, it was his dream to get married in a wedding dress, and this was the best he could do. Kind of sad to hear him say it, really. I mean, if the missus is okay about it, who's it hurting? Grayson Perry - the artist - is married to a woman, they have kids, he just likes to wear girly dresses sometimes - more often than I ever have! I wear trousers, he can wear a dress!

So having written a small essay on the subject, I see no reason why it can't be "sûr"!


I think 'ta robe de mariée' would have to be 'ta robe de marié' to match 'sûr'. It's not a bride's dress if a man is wearing it.


LOL you'll be happy to know that sûr is now accepted. I voice type too and didn't give it a second thought.


Sur was not accepted for me. Matching mariee makes some sense.
I wonder how the french address non binary individuals?


Sur means 'on'. Sûr with a circumflex is needed here.


There isn't a consensus re non-binary people, as far as I know, but I saw one non-binary person say on their social media that they use « iel » [pronounced like "i-elle"] in French (they are trilingual)! :)


What is wrong with Des pois verts sur ta robe de mariee es tu sure?


Did you use a hyphen (es-tu)?


What is wrong with : Des pois verts sur ta robe de mariee, es tu sure?


Des pois verts sur ta robe de mariage, es-tu sûre ? Accepted :)


Not sure why it accepted "ta robe de mariage". Is this also acceptable or is Duo just going crazy?


Why not les pois verts ...?


It should be des, since we're talking about a specific dress.


Es tu sûr in declined, but es tu sûre is accepted...


Just has this rejected, complete with hyphen!


What happened to “your” in wedding dress. Hardly a body part??


would "tu en es sure" be OK here?


"Des pois verts sur ta robe de noce, tu es sûre?" is not accepted. Why?


"sur" was the only choice


I think green peas on any dress would be a bit messy


"des pois verts sur votre robe de mariee, vous etes sures" Not accepted, can't see why :-(


I agree! It shouldn't. Duo counted es-tubsûr incorrect


Es-tu sûr. Fat-thumbed the b in there

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