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  5. "Onko tämä juustoa?"

"Onko tämä juustoa?"

Translation:Is this cheese?

June 26, 2020



I guess justoa is an inflected form of justo, but I don't really know which case is that... I am sure that when the tips sections reach this part of the tree we'll have an explanation about this case. Kiitos!


I'm a native speaker but no linguist, and I think this is the partitive case.

It kind of means "Is this [of the] cheese", as in "some of the cheese that exists".

The sentence "Onko tämä juusto" would also be correct, but only when referring to one whole cheese, as in "Is this a cheese".

So if you have one whole cheese, you use the latter, but if you have some amount of a substance in a sandwich, for example, you use the former.


Ah, ok, I see. I guess it is a little bit like French: Ça c'est du fromage ? Donne-moi de l' eau. Thank you for your help! Kiitos!


Kiitos! That helps, so it's like saying "Is this some cheese (that was part of a whole cheese)?" I think I get it now :) Thanks!


Still I could say "ostan koko(naisen) palan juustoa" or "koko juustopalan".


Yes, it's partitive. By the way, it is spelt juusto (double u). It is a mass noun (ainesana in Finnish). You can read more about that here:
I recommend the above website to all Finnish learners.


Thank you very much for this! The site is very useful for those of us who use mobile and are denied access to the tips and notes. (If a moderator is reading this, I WILL keep bringing this up. In Swedish, native English speakers can kind of muddle through, but suomi... )


If a moderator is reading this, I WILL keep bringing this up.

I'm not a moderator, but I don't think this is something a moderator can affect at all.

Isn't this a pretty basic feature of the Duolingo apps (Android and iOS)? And of any app, for that matter -- all the services I use which have both a web version and an app have a more limited number of functions in the app version.

Could you use the browser on your mobile device instead? I remember having done that with Duolingo at some point.


Thank you for the reply, annika! Perhaps you are quite correct and I am being unreasonable in my expectations. I do not know exactly what the mobile app is technically capable of, although the state that it is in is far above what it started out as. My hope is that a mod could forward a suggestion up the chain. While it is very true that an app usually has more limited features, surely they could do something as simple as have a card at the beginning of each level, couldn't they? Something outlining basic vocabulary and concepts that will be covered. Kind of like adding an extra slide into the exercises.

Example Category - Food, Level 0, Step 1: "Partitive Nouns and Adjectives add an a or ä to the end of a word, and are used for ideas including "part", "some of", and "any." Which of these sentences shows a Partitive case?" Then give to nearly identical sentences to choose between.

My computer access is limited by chronic arthritis (sitting in one spot is not practical for any length of time), thus I usually have to rely on the mobile app. It just pains me that something as wonderful as Duolingo is missing that little bit extra. My apologies for coming across as en okunnig röv.


Oh, I didn't mean using a computer, but just the browser on whatever device you are using the app on. You can use Duolingo there, too.


Annika, my apologies, it wouldn't let me reply to your last response on my tablet web browser. I had to reply to my own comment, which made the reply button show up by your comment. I then had to copy and paste it to the reply under your comment. The web browser seems to have problems running Duolingo. Also, having a program that requires learners to access it via the web browser to see basic tips renders the App superfluous (pointless) doesn't it?


Hi Huguenot,

I just want to confirm your suspicion that mods sometimes notice suggestions and refer them to admin. The process takes a very long time though. Regarding getting tips on the app, I am sure they are considering it.


Even the paid version of the app does not have the tips and notes section. I do not know for what forsaken reason it does not, considering how useful they have been since I discovered the web version.


Oh, thanks! I am going to take a look at that website right away! Kiitos!

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Off topic: When a photo is taken in English-speaking countries, you are told to "say cheese". In Finland it is said "sano: muikku".


Nice! In China, you say "Qiezi"" which means "eggplant". :D


"Muikku" is a type of fish, by the way. Vendace to be more precise. :)


I so much need the notes on this lesson... Read about the partative, but still don't really get it. Yet.


If you translate it with "some" for things that can be present in larger quantities, that will help for this lesson:
juusto = a cheese, the cheese
juustoa = some cheese
kahvi = a coffee, the coffee
kahvia = some coffee
Of course, there will be more to it later.


"Is this some cheese?" was marked wrong and reported. (August 8, 2020)


Meybe it was just some kind of cheese.


Suomi on outo kieli


Why "Is this some cheese?" wrong?

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