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"Englanti todella on vaikea kieli!"

Translation:English really is a difficult language!

June 26, 2020



English is a really difficult language


That's a totally different sentence. (Englanti on todella vaikea kieli.)


Well, it´s a different nuance, but I would not say ´totally different sentence´.


I think 'is a really' and 'really is a' should be interchangeable


These sentences would mean different things although still pretty close. "English is a really difficult language!" -> "Englanti on todella vaikea kieli!" You sternly state this as a fact or your opinion where as "English really is a difficult language." is more of a realization you get after trying it out and come to that same conclusion. I'm no linguist so I cannot give proper terms or explain it better, but I do believe this is what they intended.

Edit-> added everything below:

Also the emphasis changes on these sentences. "English is a really difficult language." <-Emphasis on "English" and "English really is a difficult language." <-Emphasis on "really" and this same emphasis change happens in the Finnish versions of the sentences.


Right, but it sound really unnatural and it's rarely used in this form. Those versions, both English and Finnish, are Maybe used on books.


This is basic language use. In Finnish nuance and emphasis are created through word order, so I think this is a very good, basic example of just that, an example of what you might bump into when hearing spoken Finnish (not just written Finnish). :)


-on todella - should be accepted!

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