"Mets la télé sur pause, il va faire de la tisane."

Translation:Pause the TV; he is going to make herbal tea.

June 26, 2020

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"Put the tv on pause ..." - was not accepted ?


For my region of the US, using "herbal tea" seem unnatural. We don't have an "herbal tea" distinction. It is all tea. If we buy tea, we specify the specific type of tea, ie green tea, black tea, chamomile tea, peppermint tea, hibiscus tea.


tele is the same as TV


I am not in favour of translating "tisane" into herbal tea. We all know that Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot is one of the most sold book series around the world, and what does he drink in the afternoon? Tisane. Christie did not translate Tisane into any explanatory term, she just left the French word for this French drink.


Well, Poirot often used French words in his conversation. It was his colorful trademark. I don't think he's an authority in either English or French, but more of a humorous character in a murder mystery. Maybe real people use "tisane" in English, but it's pretty pretentious.


In French you can also use "une infusion" but not sure if Duo will accept it.


Infusion seems to be preferred to tisane in my local supermarket


I know that TVs with a pause capability are fairly commonplace nowadays, but it still seems to me to be a slightly unreasonable assumption to make in a language course.

There must surely be large numbers in the Duolingo userbase who have not upgraded to this facility yet, and still a few amongst the older generation who are not aware that it exists.

I don't think my wife would have realised it was there without my input and my mother certainly would not have done. My wife still cannot get her head around the concept that if she changes channels while it is on pause or pause catch-up then the paused session is lost.


Herb tea should be accepted as well as herbal tea.


What's herb tea? A blend of cannabis and tea?


Tisane is used in English too!

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