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Finnish Stories? (Just throwing out ideas here)

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of the people who worked so hard on the Finnish course! I began learning it 2 days ago and I am hooked! It's amazing how much work was put into making it. Kiitos galore!

And I'm not in anyway attempting to pressure anybody to put in any MORE fabulous work than you already have! This is only a suggestion.

But... what if Duolingo could maybe have Finnish stories in the future? I have Finnished (sorry, I had to) all of my Spanish stories and they were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It was such a fun experience to go through every single one. I loved it. And I'm aware that mostly only the "popular" languages get to have Stories. But... it could be a really cool future thing!!!

As the Stories are generally the same in all the languages with them, maybe there could be some new ones for Finnish! It would inspire more people to learn Finnish and maybe even Finnish all the Stories! I know it's really really soon after Finnish got produced, so that's why I'm giving ideas/suggestions for the future. Just because the Stories are the same for every language! But of course, you do NOT have to take my suggestion. I have no authority over ANY of the awesome crew that created - and continues to build off of - Duolingo.

Have an AMAZING day! Let me know what you think in the replies!!! -Kate the Great

June 26, 2020



coming from swedish where this exact thing is posted ever other week. Stories are nothing the contributers can do. Even if the ppl who made the course would like to, they could not give you stories. Biggest thing you can hope for is this private project someone made. got to see if anyone volonteers for it from finland.



I love stories very much as well! Wish they would be available for every language on DL!

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