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  5. "Te olette nyt mies ja vaimo."

"Te olette nyt mies ja vaimo."

Translation:You are now husband and wife.

June 26, 2020



No no no. "Husband and wife" no "a".


You are correct, but did you report it? There should be a "The English sentence is unnatural or wrong" option or similar. Just writing here in the comments won't help.


Yes, please report such things. We only have one native English speaker in the team for this course so some English sentences may be unnatural. There are loads of discussions about the sentences here so we might miss it if you only comment here. It's much better to report it.


I agree but unfortunately not enough options are available for reporting an error. For instance, the option The English sentence is unnatural or wrong no longer exists, though it indeed existed in the past. Also, when the answer is accepted with a typo message, there is no option to report that there was no typo. I usually choose Something else went wrong but there is no way to actually describe what went wrong.


Yes, there is. When you choose "something else went wrong" you can insert free text below. You may need to scroll a little. :-)


Only in the mobile app though, at least in my browser on my computer I don't get to write anything for "something else went wrong" :(


Yeah I've been reporting so much left and right on this. Frustrating at times because I've lost so many gems failing the tests even with my correct answers but understandably so because it literally just came out XD So happy that it's finally here though and I'm excited to see how it improves in the future!

[deactivated user]

    Mies is man, in fact man and wife is quite common to say in English


    Don't they say "I now declare you man and wife, you may kiss the bride" in movies?


    Should just be husband and wife.


    Uudelleen, englanniksi mies tarkoitaa 'man'. 'Husband' suomeksi tarkoitaa aviomies.


    Mies voi olla myös husband. Tarkista vaikka.


    Is it common to say "Te olette nyt aviomies ja vaimo"?


    I checked the handbook for church ceremonies, and apparently the suggested (or mandatory?) wording is "(blah blah blah) I pronounce you (to be) married spouses". The term is aviopuoliso, and it's in the translative case.

    The questions asked beforehand do contain the words aviomies and aviovaimo, though.

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