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Farsi (Persian) on Duolingo

I want to write this post for all Farsi enthusiasts here on Duolingo. Some of you may know that there is a competition over new language in the incubator. Please all of you who want farsi to be on Duolingo vote here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3915832 NOTE you have to post a comment in order for your vote to be valid, upvoting other comments does not count.

I think that Farsi really deserves to be here. We have romnce languages, germanic languages, slavic languages and even such distant languages like hungarian. From what i've heard it's not too difficult language and the script is also quite easy to learn (I myself managed to learn it with these videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbI4k83A8oA=PLB3B1C27BECA10B22 )

Farsi is an Indo-european language from the group of Iranian languages spoken mainly in Iran. It's dialects are also spoken in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan. It has about 110 milion speakers worldwide. It is a very soft language, some people say that it sounds like reading a poem.

These days people usually think about Iran as about something evil. However it has a long history since the Persian empire and their culture is very rich. They have a long history of literature and poetry (for example a poet Rumi). Their movies are also very beautiful and touching (watch for example this short movie called 'The Frozen Rose').

In conclusion I think that Farsi deserves more attention. I've wanted to learn it a long time but I didn't find any good source - I think that Duolingo is my only hope.

If you want to hear some more of Farsi maybe watch this American teen polyglot Tim Doner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYVP_E7GUNA

Here is my favorite poem by Rumi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoITmyhdQhc

These are some of my favorite persian songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15NesL1W5Lo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFaW_IZf5So https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qkamLg_J7I

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Qpz9OuCqik https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfdAX8n6UbA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmIK0X6wM6k

Thank you all for reading! I hope that more people will be interested in Farsi now.

PLEASE Don't forget to vote!

EDIT: This is an unofficial poll as feanarosurion said so it's not like that the language that wins will make it to the incubator. But I think that it might increase the chance.

August 4, 2014



Wow I loved this, great post, ill definetely check out the short film, my Name is Hrak and I am Armani. My parents are from tehran and i have like 100 words of persian under my belt. Like aslan alanan masalan farzan, akhlagh, pedar, madar, dast, dastam, am, va, man, shoma, siasat, maraz, nemidoonam, midoonam, nisti, hasti, cardam, balkeh, piaz, gojeh, ghormeh sabzi etc etc random words I would love to learn farsi through Duo Lingo, ill comment through your link let me know what else i can do heres my email pierrebidkhanian@gmail.com

September 20, 2015


If you know "ghorme sabzi", you are on the right track to fluency! ;)


Hello Hana... I am Koosha and I'm trying to get enough support to convince Duolingo to contribute a Farsi Course. Please give me a short but positive response to get this going.

[deactivated user]

    I too wish to learn Farsi! Mostly because I want to tell the Persian lady down the block that, "Her eyes sparkle like the surface of the ocean, and I would gladly submit to their depths." I just assumed Duolingo would have course- sigh. Though my personal motivations may be suspect, there is a genuine need in these times of misunderstanding to have as many Persian speakers as possible in order to bridge gaps, ease tension and work every and any communication line . For me, the language is very pleasing to the ear. Eventually I would like to be able to write songs in Farsi. * Duo, please hear our call for Persian to be included in your lexicon. متشکرم


    Well you can tell her چشمات مثل سطح اقیانوس میدرخشن Cheshmat mesle sat'he oghianous miderakhshan :)


    Hello Koosha, I am onboard, if only you could get Doulingo onbard as well...


    Hello Koosha. I am Nathalie. Absolutely eager to help launching our beautiful, Sugar Farsi, targeting especially a wider range of audience for the Persian poetry and music. I am a translator for more than twenty years of professional experience. Will be more than happy to help.


    maraz :D good word


    I would love to learn Persian!! I took an international politics class in college, and the country I represented was Iran. I learned a lot about its history and culture, but I'd love to learn the language too!


    I'm half Persian and half English, I'm lucky enough to be fluent in both. I love Farsi and Persian culture. I actually only found this thread today. I was frustrated and searching for info on an update on duolingo incubators. I applied, I think, around a month ago to contribute and help create Farsi for English speakers. Hope they get back to me soon.


    I applied too, I hope they add Persian to the incubator


    Did anyone ever respond to you?


    i want to learn Persian


    Hi .i can learn persien.you can speak french?


    Still no farsi in Duolingo? Why? This thread is two years old...


    Indeed. Makes me wonder too. We want Persian!


    Persian is not even on the list! What a pity for Duolingo!


    I'm all in favor of Persian! I'm jalf Persian, and I finally want to learn before I visit Iran this summer!


    I'd love to learn Farsi (it's part of my heritage but unfortunately no one in my family in the US speaks it)!


    You can start learning from basic level on our website at: https://learnpersian.us/en/courses We also publish daily content on our Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LearnPersian.us


    I want to give it a try. I had a look, and you begin with dumping the whole alphabet on the beginners without any context. Why are all Persian courses like this? You could teach some basic words and sentences first and only introduce 2-3 letters at a time. It's easier to remember how to wrote "Hello mom" than a whole set of completely unfamiliar and unrelatable squiggles. Have a look and Russian or Hebrew on Duo, how they do it better, in my opinion.


    I would love it if they added Farsi/persian on Duolingo!


    I suspect one of the biggest reasons Farsi has not been pursued might be the script and figuring out the technical aspects of that. However, since Arabic has now been added to the incubator (yay!) I imagine they've resolved that issue. I wonder how many people have volunteered to contribute? Is it enough? And is the demand high enough to get their attention? Even with volunteers helping, I'm sure lunching and sustaining each new language is pretty resource intensive.


    When I observe the valuable efforts of Duolingo to present teaching of some rare languages, I assume the reason to be something out of natural process. Maybe political! Perhaps too many here has the same assumption. (Duolingo!) If you would like to be judged in a different manner just take an action coz nothing has been left to justify the lack of Persian language on the platform.


    This is exactly how I feel about this long latency. I love Duolingo. not just because of the great language learning platform it is, but also because it helps me a lot organizing my daily routines and shaping my timetable. It is such a sad thing to see it being politically directed.


    I am agree with you to some extent, i'm guessing the demand are high enough to build a course, i am Persian native speaker and have applied to contribute the course, havn't heard them yet. it has been almost one year though, As i have saw so far, couple of ppl were voulnteer to build up Persian course but sounds like Duo has its own criteria to pick up a language.!


    I'm also a native Farsi speaker. And I vote for this course. I know that there are lot of people who would love to learn Farsi on Duolingo. I'd be so happy to help adding Farsi on this great plateform. :)


    PLEASE bring Farsi! I am half Persian and would really like to understand my culture more.


    I would love to see Farsi on duolingo! Resources for learning it seem really scarce.

    I've become good friends with an Iranian penpal that I've been helping with English practice, and I've developed a big interest in Persian history and culture from our conversations.


    a lot of comments and votes on Farsi n still not even in phase 1? why why why why???? i don't understand this lang is just brilliant..beautiful and inspiring. please consider adding soon. i am a big contributor.


    Definitely interested. Also, seems your original post has become the de-fact request gauge for Farsi on the forums, congrats. :)


    I would love to learn Persian (Farsi) here on Duolingo! It is definitely one of the satisfying languages I have heard.


    hi.i'm iraniene.i can speak french et persian.


    Persian would be a great addition!


    I'd love Farsi!

    Since it's Indo-European, it looks easier than Arabic and looks so beuatiful as.


    I'd love to be able to learn Persian over duolingo. I have an Iranian father who unfortunately ever only spoke to me in Swedish (my mother tongue) so would love to learn it. I also think duolingo is such an easy way to learn compared to other types of language training courses.


    I am waiting in great anticipation for Farsi to be added! It is difficult finding other options for learning the language online, and I have no access to language courses in my country. My boyfriend is Persian, and I would love to understand his language and to be able to talk to his family. Hoping for Farsi to be added to the incubator soon (and to me it would be acceptable even if it was in roman letters for english speakers).


    I just applied to contribute to the course. If I receive a reply I'll update my post. Cheers


    Also putting in a BIG vote for Farsi! I'm still shocked it's not available already


    I will contribute to this course no matter how much time it'll take from me or how badly I'm caught in the middle of the difficulties of the everyday life.

    please try to solve the technical difficulties for us to contribute to right-to-left languages DUO.

    thanks ;-)


    Farsi please!!!


    I would LOVE to be able to read Farsi not only for the beautiful poetry - as witnessed with Rumi, for example - but to understand another language close to my heart (Punjabi) better.

    Considering that it was the main language of administration and culture until the 1840s in Punjab, there is a wealth of Farsi literature by Punjabi writers and poets, such as Bhai Nand Lal. Let's not forget, the word "Punjab" itself derives from two Farsi words, namely "Panj" (five) and "Ab" (water). Hence its translation: "the land of five rivers (waters)".

    To be able to access this wealth and culture via this language is a goal I definitely hope to attain one day! Hopefully, Duolingo will aid me in this goal (nudge nudge).


    Farsi (Persian) is my mother language and I would be so glad to help Duolingo to add and improve it. When even Valyrian language exists in the incubator, it is so disappointing that there is not even an incubator course in Persian (Farsi) or for Persian speakers.


    I made an incubator but do not know how to follow up.


    Absolutely, I'd love to learn farsi!


    Persian, Persian, Persian


    I believe this is a stellar language. I always wanted to learn more about Persia and when I heard about Farsi, tbh, I didn't know it was Persian so I was just kinda like, dismissing it. But then I found out it's the Persian Language basically and I got super excited and now I really want to learn it someday, so hopefully Duolingo does approve this sometime!


    they must add it and also hebrew


    Hebrew's on the way!


    A lot of people are dedicated to learning the language and it would be a great addition to duolingo!


    I'm voting for Persian to be added.


    I agree. A Farsi for English speakers course would be a great addition to Duolingo.


    Does anybody know whether duolingo is building a Farsi course for English speakers? I would also be interested as the only current valuable app I've found is 50 languages, but the UI isn't as interactive as duolingo, making it a lot less motivating... Thanks.


    I'd love to see Persian here too!


    I'm extremely interested in learning Persian/Farsi from Iran. :)


    Adding my vote. I'm studying for a Masters in ancient Iranian history and am learning to read, write and speak Persian. Would LOVE to see Persian on Duolingo.


    I want Farsi! My friend has been teaching me some words and it's so fun to learn, and not a difficult language. It would be so exciting to have a resource like this to learn more, especially how to read and write! Merci!


    hello ag-reid. it's so encouraging to read comments from people like you. you're right. it's an easy language. it's so generous. because having learned only a small amount of it, you'll have the capability to understand some of the most beautiful poetry in the world. just after 3 or 4 months.

    Like you, I'm waiting for Duo's response. But I don't know why they don't answer to volunteers of certain languages.

    I hope we see Farsi course here so soon. ;)


    I would absolutely love Persian for Duolingo. I am a native English speaker who has been learning Persian for about a year, but interactive resources like Duolingo are fairly limited when it comes to learning Persian. I studied English, Latin, and Ancient Greek in college, but Persian poetry has no equal. It baffles me that this thread is three years old and Duolingo still has no Persian beta. A few years ago Rumi was the bestselling poet in the United States. Rumi, Sa'adi, Hafez - their invincible humor and unconditional love for humanity is important to leaving a better world behind for our children. Please support Persian for Duolingo.


    I would love to be able to learn Farsi using Duolingo. I hope you all are still considering it.


    As a native Persian speaker, I volunteer to contribute to this course.


    Excellent. Look forward to your teaching - hopefully in the not too distant future.


    I personally really would like to see Farci in Duolingo.


    Yes please! Would love to see Farsi on Duolingo!


    I love my language "Persian", it's not just a language, it's a cute world...

    I can help build courses for Persian. I'm ready to do everything for it...


    Please create this course. I've been dreaming of learnign persian for years now but never found a site that is good as duolingo is for beginners. Cheers from Italy to all farsi lovers.


    I'm just adding another comment to voice my support for adding Persian to the site. I'm a native English speaker, but I've been learning Persian for 4 years and I'd be more than happy to contribute in any way I can.


    Farsi, oh Farsi, where art thou? A good time would have been 3 years ago. The second best time would be now :-)


    I learned Persian many years ago but I would like to see the language being added here on Duolingo so I can recommend it to friends who have been asking me for learning materials. It would also help me review what I learned before as I am not actively learning at the moment.

    Also it's been two years since the first proposal, it's time to get things moving at last!


    Can't believe it's been over a year since I last commented on here that I'd volunteered to be a contributor and have nothing from duolingo since. If arabic is in the works then surely farsi could be in the works at the same time!? I don't know if it is down to the alphabet, but then we have korean and japanese on here. Or we could at least start a skeleton of a course with phonetics and the latin alphabet? :( There's clearly a lot of people eager for this course and a lot of people still eager to help. I love farsi, such a beautiful language and want more people to speak it.


    Is there a way to ask why it is taking so long to start? there is a demand and a volunteer group, there shouldn‘t be any technical issue since arabic is in the works, so what is missing?


    It's unfortunately a bit more complicated than that. Having the volunteers is only one part of the equation. (I'm sure the script was an issue before, too.) The majority of Duolingo's users are learning English, Spanish, and French, and any new language has to justify taking some of those resources. I'm personally dying for a Farsi course, but there may not be as much demand for it as we think. It's a delicate balance of resources and demand. They do make some exceptions for languages that would be beneficial (e.g., publicity) and they do have a few endangered languages that they are trying to help save. If you know people who genuinely want to learn, I'd encourage them vote on the "official" thread. The more people do, the greater the likelihood it could become a reality.


    isn’t this thread the official farsi thread now? you’re right, 215 comments but only 47 upvotes???


    I think a lot of people think commenting is counts as a vote and do not realize they have to up vote the original post.


    hi again, I'm confused why this is the official Persian thread. First, it seems to be promoting a contest and saying vote there, second there is a thread suggesting persian already having 180 votes. Could a moderator merge these two threads maybe? see here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/3552734


    every week i open duolingo to see any news about Farsi language.


    I am interested!


    I have been requesting Farsi , I have emailed Duolingo hoping they will add it but I get no response. My husband is Persian and I have tried to learn to speak and write Farsi with his help and on my own but I know if it was on Duolingo it would be great ! So please add Farsi it is such a beautiful language I absolutely love it ! As well as the culture.


    In the meantime, there are a few resources on TinyCards that you might want to check out! :)


    Persian is very beautiful and it is the language of poetry and love.


    Farsi deserves to be here... it is a beautiful language!


    You can go to italki website and find a native Persian speaker to learn Farsi. My account address is: https://www.italki.com/user/3256748 and you can contact me for scheduling a time. I have a busy scheduling and I can learn one person for now for free.

    Hope you can learn this beautiful amazing language soon, and also hope Duolingo add it very soon.


    Farsi! I'm learning this from my dad right now but I would love to have it on duolingo for extra practice, sped up process, etc.


    Native English speaker here. I always wondered just how different Persian is from Dari?

    Is it just minor differences or is it leagues apart like Egyptian Arabic is from like Levantine Arabic or Moroccan Arabic?


    Been longing for Farsi in Duolingo for several years. Beautiful language, spoken in many places - it deserves a place here!


    Fârsi! Please! For French and English speakers.


    Salam, As a native persian speaker I vote for persian to be added to Duolingo. Mamnoon ( thanks )


    I cannot believe that it's been three years that people have been requesting Persian and there is still no course for it x_O

    Let's hope that changes soon!


    Farsi on Duolingo would be amazing! There are so few online sources for learning the language. Farsi really is a beautiful language, and I think that Duolingo should put an effort into implementing more non-European languages. Thank you so much for the link to the script videos, I am a native speaker of both Farsi and English, but cannot write in Farsi; I have been trying to learn how to write in Farsi, the videos will be very helpful.


    I can speak Persian, but I cannot read or write a single word. I hope they introduce Persian soon. Also, Persian is actually an Indo-European language. The more you know :)


    3 years running and 170 comments counting and STILL no sight of Persian. What gives? Why is Duolingo ignoring us? Numerous courses with lack luster support has been added, but Persian, the language that has been requested for so long and with great enthusiasm, is still left in the dust.

    A myriad of enthusiastic and competent people have offered their helping hands to realize this course. When will the table turn on Duolingos part?


    Considering the link I just followed linked me here to vote, I will vote here as well as in the link you have provided as I'm not entirely sure which takes precedent some now 3 years since your original post.

    Farsi for English speakers please Duo


    i learn very little but would love to learn more


    I hope Duolingo add it to its courses as soon as possible <3


    I would love to learn Farisi


    Please add Persian!


    Please add Persian


    how is this not already a course!! really needed.


    yes please farsi, so important!!!


    I think there are enough people with knowledge and drive to create a course without necessarily been fluent. I personally dont understand why they can't put the courses together. If it is for fear of mistakes there are plenty of them make by those who call themselves "fluent".


    As others have said, this one is particularly important because you really can't learn it anywhere else online!


    Absolutely interested


    I'd love to see Farsi added to Duolingo!!


    I would love to have Farsi too!!


    I'd like Persian/Farsi on Duolingo.


    Persian Is a great language I would love to learn. Hopefully they'll add it soon


    Yes go Farsi! We need a good way of learning this wonderful language


    Was looking to see if Duolingo offered Persian... (sadly not yet). Would love to see Persian here. :)


    Would love Farsi/Persian to be available on Duolingo. Beautiful language, rich with culture and history.


    I've ran into somebody who speaks Farsi has her first language, and generally speaks English as a second language. Learning other languages is a freaking hard thing to do... and I feel it would only be the polite and courteous thing to make an effort to learn her first language.

    I prolly will never speak Farsi as well as she speaks English... but, I dunno--it make things feel a little bit better or something?


    Yes! Duolingo, please add Persian!


    Yes I want to learn Farsi aswell and it PISSES me off that its not here already


    I would say Persian is now long overdue. Has anyone been on contact with Duolingo employees? Do you know what it would take for them to respond?


    Make more threads and they will have to at least acknowledge our desire. This thread looks more like a dumpster for all the Persian course requests. We need to make an collaborated effort in order for Duolingo to take notice.


    Hi. Please add Persian.


    Yes! count me in!


    Hopefully will happen soon


    add Farsi (persian) please


    Remember you need to upvote the post for Duolingo to consider adding it to the incubator. About 800 upvotes will do


    Duo needs to add a course for Farsi


    Farsi needs to be added. I'm not sure what the duolingo criteria is, but it is a widely spoken and important language.


    Farsi is one the most beautiful languages. So please add it. فارسی یکی از زیباترین زبان های دنیاست. پس آن را به برنامه بیافزایید. با سپاس


    I'm chinese and recently discovered that I have Persian blood due to my ancestors being from the Silk road. I would love to learn this language


    You could check out our website and find useful material to get familiar with the language and learn it. https://learnpersian.us


    I do not know why this course has not been added 5 years after being requested, especially since so many people apply to contribute to it.

    If you fluently speak both Persian and English, please apply to contribute to Persian for English speakers.


    Thank you for bringing that up... There is absolutely no convincing reason for this kind of ignorance. Now that Duolingo has made the Arabic alphabet available there is no hardship across the way. Persian is surely easier than Hibrew... More useful than "High Valyrian" and "Esperanto", and more widely spoken than Many courses available right now. I am pretty sure that there are a lot of people applied and are waiting for the incubator! Duo... Give and answer!!!


    I have applied 2 times, even for the reverse course, but still no answer!


    I'm very much in favour! Farsi is one of the great world languages and it should be very near the top of the incubator to-do list. Personally, I'd really love to be able to read Persian poetry. :)


    Me too! And I would also love to be able to watch the movies and actually understand it. Thank you for support! :)


    as a native bilingual speaker(Persian and my ethnic's tongue), I applied just a few days ago, again, for second time, after a long wait of about 6 or 7 months for my first volunteering.

    I just did what you requested. may that we see one day. I yearn for helping my people become literate in English. that is my humble quest to serve mankind, be if it is but a small part.

    I can dare say Persian poetry is the best. I personally love sa'adi.


    yeah that would be great to have Persian on Duolingo! Persian is quite easy especially if you are familiar with the Arabic script. Persian poets are really awesome .You know, if you learn a little of Persian to understand some of the poems it would be much easier to go all the way and you'd be really motivated. Here's one of the most famous poems of Sa'adi:

    بنی آدم اعضای یکدیگرند/ که در آفرينش ز یک گوهرند Human beings are members of a whole In creation of one essence and soul

    چو عضوى به درد آورد روزگار/دگر عضوها را نماند قرار If one member is afflicted with pain
    Other members uneasy will remain

    تو کز محنت دیگران بی غمی/نشاید که نامت نهند آدمی If you've no sympathy for human pain
    The name of human you cannot retain

    Thanks for the post :)


    Thanks for the inspiration:)


    Yes. Yes, yes, yes. The abundance of poetry in the language alone mandates it (assuming Modern Persian is similar enough to the variety used by the poets).


    Yes It should be here


    I am adding my voice here: Go for it!


    I'm interested in Farsi as well =]


    Reza Barati RIP


    I vote for Persian :)


    Still no sign of Persian! C'mon Duolingo!


    Another vote for Farsi. Come on Duolingo!


    We greatly recommend Persian to be soon in duelingo community.


    I would love to learn Farsi, it's such a beautiful language!


    please hurry up Duo, add Farsi (persian)


    Looking forward to Farsi.


    i wanna learn farsi to speak with this pretty lady :)


    yeah! Persian on Duolingo would be great!


    Persian would be a GREAT language to learn on Doulingo, and then the people could learn the ancient history of this fabolous country


    I'm a native Persian speaker and also have a good knowledge of English. I can be a help in that Duolingo Persian project.


    It's true that it's very hard to find a website or a ressource for learning فارسی...until now, there is only the app called Tandem who really helps me a lot to learn it...I can speak, read and write a little bit in فارسی....I find it really easy too except the pronunciation of maybe 4-5 letters...I also think that the farsi grammar is the easiest grammar that I've seen in my life!

    خیلی ممنون for the post! I really hope that Duolingo will add it very soon


    Hello to all interested people to Persian language. We are a Persian language learning startup team who are trying to gather some free stuff for people who are interested in learning this language. We try to improve our contents for better and would like to know about any new ideas or comments on the way we are doing our job. Therefore, it would be highly appreciated if you could visit our website at https://learnpersian.us and let us know about your ideas and suggestions.


    اگر این اتفاق بیوفته که خیلی خوبه


    ممنون از توجهتون. ما سعی داریم بتونیم این بستر رو با امکانات مختلفی که قابل ارائه هستش گسترش بدیم و وب سایت و فعالیت هامون رو توسعه بدیم. خوشحال میشیم از نظر و پیشنهادات بقیه دوستان هم مطلع بشیم.


    Offering farsi as a course would be an amazing addition to Duolinguo.


    طرز گفتار دری شیرین ترین است۔ (Speech in Dari (Farsi) is the most beautiful)


    Hi, many Iranians like to learn other languages, it is nice the esteem Duolingo prepare the ground for them


    Support for فارسی in 2020! سلام!


    duolingo...persian please!


    I have been learning Farsi for the past few years, and I would love to use the duolingo format to practice and learn more. I am still at a beginner level, and I think duolingo would help me progress. One challenge I have found with learning is that in order to read/learn a new word, I have to hear it first because farsi is written without vowels. I truly believe demand for Farsi is going to keep increasing as Iran continues to be in the news. I also want to learn Farsi so that I can read the original scriptures of my religion, which is the Baha'i Faith. The Baha'i Faith began in Iran in 1844, and it is now the 2nd most widespread religion in the world after Christianity (which the most widespread). There are large communities of Persians including many Baha'is in America and Canada, and that is how I started learning originally. As a French, Spanish, and English speaker, I have found the grammar very easy to learn (it is an Indo-European language). I love it, and I truly hope Duolingo will listen to all of us who love Farsi, Iran, Iranian culture, and Iranian food!


    I wish the name of the course, be Parsi or Persian instead of Farsi :-)


    It's good to see Persian is gradually getting the attention it deserves. Thanks for the thread. I can help build the course but somehow Duolingo's policy is to create an English course for any other language before the reverse can happen. Maybe some will power can change that?

    About the poetry I cannot agree with you more. I think my views on Persian poetry is heavily biased (!) but a little google and Wiki can help anybody realize what a vast realm it is. "Rumi" for ethics and priceless instructive stories, "Ferdowsi" for gloroius epics, "Hafez" for passion and love, "Nezami" for romantic love stories, "Sa'di" for guidance of life, "Attar" for mysticism, ..... For any taste there's a masterpiece at its utmost beauty.


    My wife's family is from Iran. They would be absolutely thrilled if I could speak Persian. I'm awaiting the course impatiently!


    Why has this course taken so long? This is important, people.


    I hope, Farsi will come soon. It is so important. Living in Germany we face a lot of People from Afghanistan and Iran these days. It would be so helpful to know some Farsi to help them with their first steps here.


    if I can learn farsi in duolingo, it is an amazing thing in this year!! I cannot agree more to add farsi to duolingo!


    Oh come on. You made an Arabic course but you can't make a persian course? There are soo many people willing to help (including myself) I'm thinking maybe you don't WANT to make a Persian course.


    I only signed up to duolingo because I was hopeing they had Farsi...


    I would love to learn Farsi on Duolingo!


    i would be interested in this languague


    Yes, I'd love to see Farsi added to Duolingo! :)


    I'd love to cooperate in developing this if they ever add such a course here. Still going to wait...


    I want to learn Persian, too! Make it happen duolingo!


    I highly recommend farsi to be enlisted in duolengo . I I think they would never let Farsi to be there for political reasons.


    Creating friendships that cross political boundaries can change politics.


    To my knowledge, Duolingo does not choose their languages based on politics but, rather, demand. There is also a limit to the number they can currently host due to the associated technology costs. Korean is available. Arabic is in the incubator. Russian has been available for a long time. I don't think politics has anything to do with their selection. I believe the Japanese course helped solve a lot of the technical difficulties of bringing (idr the correct term but) non-romanized languages to their platform. So, I think it's now an issue of demand and funding, tbh Once Arabic launches, I personally feel it will be easier to get Farsi. But that's just my opinion. I have no inside knowledge.


    Please add Persian!


    Add Farsi / Persian please.


    Persian is much needed on duolingo!


    I vote for Farsi.


    I’d also really appreciate Farsi on duolingo


    Would love to see Persian here soon.


    I also would like to learn Farsi on Duolingo


    Yes! Farsi, please!


    +1 I could help


    Hey guys as its an old an ancient language it would be great to learn Farsi on duolingo, i'm really excited about it , i vote to add Farsi on duolingo


    duolingo added fantasy languages such as Klingon and high Valyrian but didn't add a real language for example Persian(Farsi)...sorry for it. plz add it Duo


    I opt in as well - Farsi pls!


    How could we officially ask Duolingo to add Persian ?


    Hoping that the addition of Arabic to the Incubator means that we'll soon see Farsi/Persian added too <3 Have been wanting to learn for a long time!


    Please add this again, Duolingo!! My dad was born in Tehran and I haven't learned Farsi. It would be a great way to feel closer to my heritage.




    Duolingo - please start persian/Farsi.. I see posts here which are years old and recent too - but no response. It high time to start persian.


    Dear friend... I'm a native Persian speaker and I can tell you that it's not an easy language to learn... Also making a course for it is a really big challenge... I hope it will be added some day, but as you can see, there is no course for Persian speakers yet, so it won't release soon... Besides, I see that people are more interested in Finnish and it might be the next goal...


    You can just call the course "Persian" though. "Farsi" is the term in Persian for the language. It would be like calling the French course "Français" or the Spanish course "Español." The two words have the same origin: "Parsa" the core city-state and domain of the ethnic Persians in Pars province, today called Fars.


    Yes you are right... Buy we call it Farsi in Iran anyway...


    This feels almost like a conspiracy. We have ❤❤❤❤ like Valyrian, Klingon, Sindarin already available. And from reading many postings I see at least a dozen people have offered to join a Persian incubator -- and yet there is no option (4 years after most of these threads began).

    So a real language with about 100 million speakers (adding Dari & variants) and a diaspora across Europe & America has no listing. While tiny European languages have lots of listings. And fantasy languages with no real content have listings.... Shady.


    I don't want to dis other languages, but yes! I don't know why they don't at least add the English for Persian speaker course!? Anyway, whenever they add the Farsi course, I will try my best to make a nice course, so others can learn this ancient and beautiful language


    It doesn't help that Farsi/Persian has neither transcription nor voice support on google translate or bing translate. This means that it is virtually impossible to self-learn a single word or even know how it sounds


    As long as there are Persians around (like me and others here), who can help you with it, there's no impossible, mate!


    Transcription is supported for Persian on the app Live Transcribe by Google:


    It is also available on Gboard. (Keyboard by Google)

    Also, Forvo can help with the pronunciation of the words.


    Considering the obvious neglect from Duolingo to add Persian language, apparently,this team is attempting to humiliate this great language( seemingly due to political issues)and this is absurd. If Duolingo is a professional service, it would ignore political issues which go on with I.R.I. and pay more attention to this popular and valuable language.


    Yes yes, bring Farsi please


    Persian please انا اريد ان اتعلم هذه اللغة (الفارسية) و هذا البرنامج هو افضل طريقة


    It is really shameful, and for many members of the Duolingo community frustrating as well, that while we are soon going to welcome the third decade of the twenty-first century, there is still no option to get familiar with the rudiments of Farsi, one of the sweetest languages of the world. The sooner Duo takes steps to rectify the anomaly, the better for its credibility.


    I’d love to learn Farsi/Persian

    Glad to see Arabic finally on Duolingo though so maybe they could add Farsi/Persian

    Farsi/Persian is a very historical & culturally rich language


    Upsetting how such a culturally, poetic & historical rich language Farsi/Persian isn’t on Duolingo but yet silly languages like Klingon, High Valerian is there but Persian/Farsi no but finally added arabic


    Hi I'm so glad you're interested in persian!! I'm Iranain and try to learn Franch. If anyone is willing , we can help each other learn persian and Franch. My e-mail to coordinate: sheima.kardar@yahoo.com


    Hello... I am so happy to read this. today I noticed that Duolingo added the arabic course to its collection and that made me so happy. Farsi and Arabic share the same alphabet and I am trying to get the job as the ambassador to contribute a Farsi course in Duolingo. I hope you support me to get enough encouragement to share with duolingo.


    I cannot agree more wholeheartedly. If we can learn fake languages like "Klingon" why can't we have Farsi?


    I would like to see Persian on Duolingo.


    Cheers to you!


    Me too, it deserves to be here...


    Would really like to learn Farsi! Many of my colleagues speak it and it seems like such a beautiful language.


    I am learning Persian and would really like to see it on Duolingo. Arabic is available so the script is not an issue, and I cannot fathom why a famously beautiful language with more native speakers than German and a rich literary history has still not been added after consistent calls to do so for 5 years, while Klingon and High Valyrian are available.


    Hi there. It's been a long time, 3 years actually. Have you still not figured out what the purpose of Lyndas comment was? If you have, please let me know. I have been trying to decipher that comment for weeks now, with little to no result.

    I eagerly await for your response.



    So obviously you don't know that it's an unofficial poll, and "winning" said poll won't make any difference to whether or not it makes it into the incubator, especially now that you've skewed it by directing Farsi enthusiasts in particular to the thread. New languages will be added with time and patience.


    I know that. But he said that he would make a shoutout which might increase the chance for the language to make it to the incubator ;).


    Would love to see Farsi on Duolingo, We Want Persian. Duo??!!


    let's make a revolution on Doulingo.



    It would probably be easiest to teach Tajik since it is in Cyrillic, which would be a lot easier to teach to people than the perso-arabic script. Just my observation.


    I suggest that instead of creating forums and discussions, people confident enough about their English and Persian knowledge go to this link: https://incubator.duolingo.com/apply and on the first step choose English and Persian (you should select the option "Enter Another" and type Persian. Be aware that you should type "Persian" and not "Farsi") then fill the other spaces and answer the asked questions and you're all set.


    I already did it.


    I'm learning Persian/Farsi and there are hardly any good resources to study this language on your own. Neither exist language courses offline. So, please support the persian language.


    I would love to learn Farsi


    Who "usually think about Iran as about something evil"? (Well apart from one or two governments - nuff said.) Iran has a very long and ancient history, an empire, and an advanced civilisation when we Europeans were still living in the stone age (okay perhaps a bit exaggerated). The poll clearly shows a lot of demand here:)


    I too vote to add Persian.


    Would love to learn this beautiful language


    I'm a native Farsi speaker. I also vote for this course. I volunteered three times for being an incubator. Idk why it's taking this long. Considering the languages we have now in Duolingo, Persian should have been here months ago.


    I wholeheartedly vote for Farsi! It is a beautiful and ancient language.


    hello everyone. It brings tears to my eyes when I see so many people interested in Persian which is my native language. Finding out you know so much about Iranian literature and culture, knowing even about Hafez, Sa'di and Molavi (Roumi),.. just makes me proud of you. You're adorable. I appreciate it to the real meaning of the word and promise to help in as many ways as I can. Mojgan <3


    hi i am a persian native speaker i love to contribute it.


    Please can we have a Persian course?

    I have had to defect to Mondly to learn Persian. I'd rather learn it here.


    I would love to see Farsi on Duolingo! I'm Persian but have lived most of my life in Canada.


    It baffles me how Klingon, the Game of Thrones language, and Esperanto all managed to beat Persian and Arabic.


    I know right! The absolute absurdity!!


    Style over substance?


    Would love to see Farsi here!


    Why hasn't Farsi been added yet? The forum is full of native farsi speakers willing to contribute and years has gone by, but still not a single response from the Duolingo Team! People have tried to apply multiple times, but it all seems like the Duoling Team is just ignoring all these applications. We want farsi, so please add this course!

    The demand for a farsi course is currently so high, you clearly should known that by now, just by reading the forum and all the responses from the people makes it quit clear. We want this course!


    Seems Duo team has problems with Persia (Iran), Persian and Iranian people. It's been so long that people have requested to add Persian to this site but the moderators seem to be having problems with this language, I think! Lots of less spoken languages are already being taught on this site but our loved, interesting, beautiful language with its old history is not added! Seems the reality of politics is also affecting this forum and making them refuse to add Persian!! Btw I'm really being disappointed from the team!


    I really hope they do something soon, because it's starting to become rather frustrating to see all these languages on the way, but still not a single mention of Farsi!

    The Duolingo slogan is "Free language education for the world". Well if you really want to stand by that slogan then why not add Farsi when there is currently NO free Farsi education for English speakers on the internet, NONE!

    And I also don't see how this could be a matter of political agenda at all when the language of Iran dates back hundreds and hundreds of years and has virtually nothing to do with the current political regime of Iran. It's like "people should stop learning German because the political status of Germany has been bad before", which obviously is a terrible argument to be made.

    Please Duolingo, listen to the people and make this happen!


    Totally agree, they should start the beta course ASAP


    Hi! I'm not sure how languages are selected, but I don't believe courses are politically motivated at all. My understanding is that, in general, the more votes the language gets, the more likely it is to be considered. So, I would suggest voting here, as you have, and encouraging others to fo the same!

    I am a volunteer event host and have zero insight on the process, but I also think it's more likely to be added once Arabic launches, as they will have figured out the best way to handle the script by then. :)


    Thanks! That's essentially what I thought. Maybe I saw that once before. It's very helpful to have the link. :)

    With 110 million native speakers, the script problem being resolved by Arabic, and lots of willing contributors, I hope they'll consider it soon!


    Meanwhile, some users created a pretty good Duo-style course on Memrise: https://www.memrise.com/course/385800/basic-farsi/ (I recommend setting the 3rd skill on ignore. Maybe it would be a good idea to do the same with the 2nd and 4rth ones after you finish them as well)

    The textbook series "The Persian of Iran Today" is also available for free on the web, and the authors have some extra learning resources designed to complement the books on their website as well: http://www.laits.utexas.edu/persian_teaching_resources/

    This site also has some nice resources and grammar explanations: http://sites.la.utexas.edu/persian_online_resources/

    Easy Persian was designed as a free Persian course: http://www.easypersian.com/

    Here is a pretty good online dictionary of Modern Persian: http://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/hayyim/

    And a pretty good omline dictionary of Classical Persian: http://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/steingass/

    A few extra dictionaries: http://www.farsidic.com/en/Lang/EnFa http://www.vajehyab.com/ http://www.persianacademy.ir/fa/word/ https://www.lexilogos.com/english/persian_dictionary.htm http://www.farsidictionary.net/ https://en.glosbe.com/fa/en/ https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Wiktionary:Main_Page https://fa.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D8%B5%D9%81%D8%AD%D9%87%D9%94_%D8%A7%D8%B5%D9%84%DB%8C http://www.farsilookup.com/p2p/?lang=en http://www.dictionary-farsi.com/ https://www.aryanpour.com/

    If you don't know how a word is pronounced, you can look for it in Forvo: https://forvo.com/

    Ganjoor is a web collection (with an accompanying android app) of Classical Persian literature: https://ganjoor.net/

    Some of the books were uploaded with accompanying audio. It is probably not recommended for the beginner, but it is wonderful for advanced learners.

    Another good site for studying Persian poetry: http://www.farsinet.com/poetry/


    Wow. Thank you for sharing all these resources. Farsi is my first language (both parents from Iran) but no one kept up with speaking it to me so I no longer know it


    The least they could is to answer. Don't we - volunteer contributes and Persian language enthusiasts - deserve that? Opening the forum, creating a new topic, typing down "We're not going to add Persian because...". Is that too hard?


    Hello Sasan, I am Koosha and I am trying to Convince Duolingo to add a Farsi Course to its Collection. We need to add MORE of the word "Farsi" or "Persian" to the forum. please help me get this going my friend lots of Love :*


    Agreed that there are very few resources for Farsi, and I would love to see it on Duolingo!


    They really should add persian here.


    yes please, this would be great for work


    Evil ? LOL so "ARABIC" is ok to have on this site regardless of the ramifications that come with such an aggressive and harsh sounding language AND the religion that comes along with it BUT BUT Farsi is not an option? After RECOGNIZING the subtlety of the language, how soft, smooth, and common it is not only in the middle east but in the US as well?? That makes ZERO SENSE. Sounds a little off to me. VOTE FOR FARSI


    Take it easy. No need to dismiss a language and culture because you find its phonology displeasing to the ear. The stuff you said about religion is especially unnecessary as this is a website for language learning not politics or any other topic not directly involving languages. They will add Farsi eventually.


    I feel your eagerness for the inclusion of Farsi, but there is no need to disrespect Islam or the Arabic language just because it's going to be implemented first. Neither Arabic nor Farsi are "evil". Maybe diplomatic dilemmas or an assumed lack of interest in English speaking countries were taken into account by Duo staff, but I don't think these were their major reasons for not taking the project yet, and maybe they were not even in their mind at all. Staff members already stated they had problems implementing the Arabic script, so, if anything, the inclusion of Arabic is going to make the implementation of Farsi easier in the future.


    After 3 years... still nothing?


    Yes, I would love to see Farsi on Duolingo! I love the Duolingo and believe it would be a great to see Farsi on here, especially as there are many of us like me who are Persian but don't know the language fluently. There are also not many resources out there to learn Farsi from.

    It's sad to see that fake, made up languages such as High Valyrian and Klingon are getting the Duolingo treatment, but a valid language with millions of speakers worldwide like Farsi is ignored. Please make it happen!


    This would be so awesome to have


    I've been following this discussion on and off for 3 years and I'm sad that there still is no farsi.


    I want to learn Farsi !!! It should definitely be on Duolingo.


    How about English for Persian speakers? Is that in the works?


    I posted the same subject on Duo long ago, and saw some other similar post relevant to this thread.. I myself applied for the course as Persian native speaker yet haven't heard form Duo, it has been almost one year though. but it definitely would be the frosting on the cake if they add Persia. if they did, count me in.


    Hi, I'm Samaneh. Farsi is my native. I would be so glad to contribute it in duolingo. I just need your support!


    I have been waiting for Persian for so long. I really hope it will be coming up soon ...


    It seems ridiculous but why are nonsens-languages like klingonian but not farsi? I´d like to learn some of the language to speak to teammates and friends with persian roots. But it seems that after more or less 4 years there is no will to introduce this language. Very disappointing.


    There are a few reasons, really. (And believe me, I want Farsi added as much as anyone.)

    The two constructed languages Duolingo offers, Klingon and High Valerian, were added primarily for publicity purposes. More media coverage = more users, investors, advertisers, and Plus subscribers, which allow Duolingo to continue operating as a free service and also justify pulling people from other projects. (Keep in mind that this is a pretty small company.)

    Also, these languages also do not have the same "depth" as a language like Farsi, and are, therefore, a bit easier to implement, in general.

    Farsi has the additional challenge of being a R-L language, which was probably not very compatible with how Duolingo was initially designed (they had trouble with Japanese at first, too). Now that Arabic is coming, that is apparently solved, but neither of the constructed languages had an issue like that (although Klingon did have some undecided issues with the apostrophe).

    Even with volunteers helping, there are costs involved in developing and implementing any language that they add. As a volunteer, I don't know these figures specifically.

    The best way to get it added is to vote and have others vote, to show that there is interest.


    I think Persian may get some more traction when Arabic gets released. Just my guess. The R-to-L thing is probably a nonissue now. I'm doing the Hebrew tree and it's working well.


    I think you're right about the R-L issue, and I hope you're right about the traction!


    Also an interesting language. May i should start with that one.


    Thanks a lot for this detailed explanation. I appreciate the work of the volunteers and i like the non/few-commercial type of ptoject, eben it is sometimes hard to wait for specific languages.

    Where is it possible to vote?


    I'm with you! Waiting is hard. Per https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/15014194, we are currently on the official thread. They are monitoring both votes and comments. I would assume that upvotes have more weight, but I truly don't know. If you know of a community who is very interested, I would suggest spreading the word, as I'm afraid I agree with antonmo that 60 in four years does not bode well for interest. :(


    In my opinion there would be far more users as for example native american languages.

    Most (potential) users never get into this voting-polls and so it is easy to promote less frequented languages instead of much spoken ones.

    However I will try to activte some friends to promote farsi.


    on the original post. Persian only has 60 votes, I don’t think 60 votes in 4 years is enough for any language to get promoted.


    Farsi (persian) plz


    I would love it if you guys would add Persian to duolingo's collection of languages. It is such a beautiful and unappreciated language. I am currently learning French which could help with Persian ( there is a longish history to that ) thx so much for voting I am NOT over exaggerating when I say that this may change my life. Thank you in advance


    I want Persian language to be available ❤. it is sadly not available on any app languages that i know. I think if Duolingo adds Persian, it will be popular.


    I also want to learn Persian. I think it is a nice language and also that Duolingo has a good system to learn this language. It would be a great addition to duolingo!


    Si hablas alguno de esos idiomas, puedes colaborar en la creación de los cursos. Puedes solicitar ser colaborador aquí: https://incubator.duolingo.com/apply


    Count me in!!! I would love to learn Persian!


    Sim queremos aprender persa ☫


    I support this.


    Hi, I am a native Farsi (persian) speaker. Well I confirm the fluid flexibility of Farsi, which makes it much harder to teach as a boldly structured language. However, the language is so covering that Farsi speakers usually face no trouble in learning other languages. I have worked personally to define some structural formulation to teach Farsi in other languages and I will be very happy to share my language.


    It is 2019 now, and I see Duolingo has 2 fictional ( and let me repeat FICTIONAL languages) that I and I bet many other don't care about. Like I study a language to communicate with others why to study a fictional one. Plus Duolingo has languages that are spoken natively by a really small small groups and when it comes to faresi /persian some sayes it is not popular or it will be baned from Iran.. First of all no country will ban its language but instead it will incourage this ( all the US /Iran issues are not related to us as humans studying a language). So let me recap: High valyrian and klingon : fictional Navajo :Southwestern United States native speakers: 169,359(2011) Hawaiian: native speakers 24000 (2009).......... Farsi/persian: 70 million; (110 million total speakers) ( Wikipedia) So why not persian?


    Yes, lots of people speak Persian (Farsi) ... Even Tajik people speak it (although they use the Cyrillic alphabet) and Pakistani people (we call it Dari) ... It's good to see endangered languages and fictional ones, but Persian doesn't deserve to be ignored...


    I agree. It makes no sense at all.


    You are right on the spot!


    Any opportunity?


    I don't know bro :( But we try to convince Duo team to add Persian...


    I first installed Duolingo in the hope that Farsi would be available soon


    Well, as we say: به امید خدا، به زودی فارسی را در دولینگو خواهیم دید


    I want to learn Farsi on duolingo!


    and I want to contribute Farsi on Duolingo...


    Can someone try to call the Duolingo company and ask them to read this page and consider Adding Farsi ?


    Funny thing is they are reading it all the way down to the last response. and yet they could not notice the potential support for the contribution of this course! I am a stalker here for 2 months and yet the discussion is for almost 5 years ago!


    غیر من چه کسایی میتونن در ساخت آموزش فارسی مشارکت کنن؟


    سالم دوست من، من حدود 2 ماه پیش برای ساخت دوره داوطلب شدم و نام نویسی کردم


    Doulingo is a private company in the US, I think this thread has not enough power to encourage owners to act. We would better contact directors of the company on social media and convey our message directly. the Wikipedia link might help: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duolingo


    OK, I'm gonna try this bro! It's not fair that neither there is a course for Persian speakers nor there is a Persian course in Duolingo...


    please add farsi ❤️❤️❤️


    My native language is Persian (Farsi) but my sons did not learn it. They are willing to speak Persian. I vote for Farsi eagerly!


    I'm an Iranian English literature student and would love to see this happen and be able to help.


    I hope Dualingo hears us.


    I would be great!


    Would love to learn Farsi on duolingo!


    I want it tooo! :)


    What should be the image of the course? I like Persepolis


    There is an animated film based on the book called Persepolis you should check it out! ( is in English)


    Agreed! It's SO good.


    I applied for the incubator myself and I also asked some of my friends to do as well but no e-mail from them yet;


    I have been trying to find a decent platform to learn farsi, this seems very good for my brother learning Polish and myself improving German. My Boyfriend is Persian and it is all his family speak, would be great if it were on here!! I am actually very surprised that it is missing :(


    I'm also very surprised. People have shown interest for a long time, but I guess the competition is stiff. It also depends on the quality of the team that proposes to do a course. Duolingo wants to make sure that they don't quit halfway, which has happened before.


    I think the best alternative apps available to learn Persian are mango languages and rosetta Stone which both are great but not free.

    (but your local library may offer you free access to Mango Languages.)

    I recommend glossika too.

    However, duolingo is really a great language learning platform. so waiting for the course. ❤️


    I’ve been waiting for years to see Persian language offered by duolingo. I hope my wish become real very soon.


    Thank you for keeping up with the discussion... I think this is the best thing we could do. Duolingo has a team to read and monitor the discussions. I hope the discussion gets more trendy!


    Give us FARSI!!!!


    Is there anyone who speaks French?? I can teach you Farsi in return? If anybody is interested Please let me know We can work out details later


    Telegram ID: @yunisili


    Vous voulez bavarder avec qqn??? Ou vous avez besoin d'un groupe français???


    i am interested in that deal i am fluent in french


    I definitly would like to see the Garsi course in duolingo, please.


    We need Farsi!


    I would also love to try Persian!


    I'm waiting to learn Persian with Duolingo, i can't wait oof


    I think one of the ways to connect with one another is to learn language and food from other cultures. With everything that’s happening in the world it would be amazing to finally have Farsi on Duolingo.


    I would love to be able to learn Farsi via duolingo! My interest in the language stated with the cuisine and I’m set on expanding my Iranian knowledge base


    Add persian language on duolingo!!



    I was told once upon a time (like 30+ years ago) that knowing Farsi made it easier for someone to learn Hebrew -- I've always wondered if knowing Hebrew made learning Farsi easier, so I'd be interested in learning it if it were available.


    I'd love to learn Farsi.


    You can start learning from basic level on our website at: https://learnpersian.us/en/courses We also publish daily content on our Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LearnPersian.us


    Baleh! man KHEILI farsi-course myKhaam.


    You can start learning from basic level on our website at: https://learnpersian.us/en/courses We also publish daily content on our Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LearnPersian.us


    NemyDunam cherah anaan na kardand....


    I'd love for Farsi to be added to Duolingo. I'm half Iranian and this would be a great tool to help me learn and practise!


    There should no doubt be Farsi as well as Urdu. To be fair to duolingo, they have only just added Arabic and that is a much more widely spoken language! I don't think it's political. I do think that more people should be exposed to languages using Arabic script. Given its sheer geographical range, it would be immensely useful to have sufficient practice of it. In terms of difficulty, the Arabic script falls between Russian and the Asian scripts.


    Farsi has my vote!


    I've stopped using Duolingo for a while and reinstalled in a hope to learn some Persian. But, I am now disappointed! I hope they add this beautiful language soon.

    BTW, it is Rumi who brought me here!


    Please add Persian to Duolingo.


    I really support it. I am available for help!


    Please bring Farsi Language! I am Full Persian Speaker and would really like to understand my culture more.


    Dropping a comment here to show support, I'm very interested in this language and would like to give it a try, usually Duolingo is my first stop to start a language but it's unfortunately not here. Would love to see Farsi/Persian as the next language to be added!

    Learn a language in just 5 minutes a day. For free.