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  5. "Is it hungry again?"

"Is it hungry again?"

Translation:Onko sillä taas nälkä?

June 26, 2020



I wrote "Onko sillä nälkä taas?", which was marked as wrong, so it makes me wonder whether there are any rules/principles regarding adverb positioning to make the sentence sound more natural in Finnish?


Your answer is correct! Maybe the other one is a bit more natural?? but honestly I don't know the difference is so small


I'd say the closest distinction in English is that in "Onko sillä nälkä taas" the word 'hungry' would be stressed slightly, whereas in "Onko sillä taas nälkä," 'again' would receive the slight stress. This just shows which aspect is more critical to the speaker, the hunger or the again. If there is no difference (as should be the case in an example sentence such as this), then either order is completely acceptable.


I would wager the positioning does matter grammatically since I've noticed the adverbs are always the second last word. I'm sure there are exceptions as there are exceptions to all the rules in this language and all other languages. So far though, I've been successful just making sure the adverbs are second last and I haven't been wrong yet.


I agreed with you. I also wrote "Onko sillä nälkä tass?" and was marked wrong. What is the right rule in relation to the adverb positioning in this case? Neither I understand!


I used "uudelleen" instead of "taas" and it was rejected, but the tips for "again" were both "taas" and "uudelleen." So, I guess Duo is wrong here in rejecting my translation? (May 2021)


SE or SILLÄ, what's here the difference?


Se on = it is, sillä on = it has. You just have to remember which things you are and which ones you have, and you're all set.


... it was a mistake to buy that velociraptor


When do we use 'sillä' and when do we use 'se'? Thx

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