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  5. "Lapsi puhuu myös koreaa."

"Lapsi puhuu myös koreaa."

Translation:The child also speaks Korean.

June 26, 2020



Wouldn't "the child also speaks Korean" be just as correct as the current translation with "also" and "speaks" flipped?


The suggested correct sentence I see is the one with "also" first. Which I think is a more natural English sentence than "speaks" first.

Did you report it and they adjusted it in a mere 23 minutes or so?!


If they did, they also removed the sentence with speaks first. I just typed it and it wasn't accepted.


There is no context here but I started wondering how Finnish would differentiate e.g. "The child, too, speaks Korean" (as in, another person speaks Korean and the child does too) and "The child speaks Korean, too" (as in, the child speaks another language, and also Korean).


When spoken, this sentence could also be understood as "the child, too", if the stress is on "myös". But it wouldn't be entirely correct.

The correct ways to express that would be either "Myös lapsi puhuu koreaa" or "Lapsikin puhuu koreaa". We love our endings! :-)

Lapsikin could actually even be understood as "everyone, even children", for example when saying "Lapsikin ymmärtää,", even a child would understand (something).

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