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  5. "I have a teddy bear."

"I have a teddy bear."

Translation:Minulla on nalle.

June 26, 2020



My swiping keeps writing Nalle with capital N, so now I'm thinking of mr Björn "Nalle" Wahlroos with all these teddy bear sentences...


Is it possible to say lelukarhu instead of nalle? Cause I've seen that in one text.


Yes, I guess so, though that sounds awfully formal and makes me think of some kind of plastic bear figurine or doll rather than a soft fluffy teddy bear. 'Pehmokarhu' (or 'pehmonalle') is also possible, meaning literally soft bear, or 'pehmolelu' (soft toy) as a general term including not only bears but other animals (and whatever else) as well.


Note the inconsistency here: nalle is translated as teddy bear, but in "Isa, missa nalle on?" the translaion as "teddy bear" was rejected! (Sorry no a/dots on my keboard.)


I thought On in Finnish was Is in english.


Yes, but the grammatical construction in Finnish is different. There is no direct translation of "to have". I suppose one literal translation would be "Mine is the teddy bear." but that isn't quite what we would say!

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