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"Onko kissa täydellinen eläin?"

Translation:Is the cat the perfect animal?

June 26, 2020



I can't quite put my finger on it but this sentence sounds off in English.

Is this trying to say, "Are cats perfect animals?" Unless this is about a very particular cat, it should at least be "Is a cat", I think.


I agree, the first "the" is weird...


Not really. It's said that way in English.


Yes, yes, cats are perfect.


Yrs indeed, good human, tuna please loud purring


Or at least they seem to think so.


No no they are not. Minä olen lintu.


Is a cat a perfect animal- sounds like a better translation


That's not how it's said in English; it's idiomatic. "Are cats the perfect animal" or "Is the cat the perfect animal."


That's great, except that it is a Finnish course, not a deep dive into English idioms. The English translation doesn't need to be idiomatically scrupulous, it needs to be grammatically and semantically correct. This meaningless nitpicking on the English side doesn't help learning Finnish at all, it only distracts and interferes with the process.


I get your point, but I personally enjoy reading and learning from the different perspectives on English. Agree we should stick to relating back to Finnish, of course, but seems most learners (maybe not native testers =)) voice opinions on the lang they know. I have wondered about relevancy prior to commenting myself, but my mobile app has no rules anywhere that I can see. If anyone knows, lemme know! =^.^= (Ironically, this comment has nothing to do with the sentence under discussion...)


Yup. That is the natural phrase. The 1st 'the' seems to infer some specific cat, wheras an 'a' would make it a generalization about cats.


No, dogs are perfect animals.


Nothing wrong with the translation, people just seldom see English used in that way. Where there are two definite articles emphasizing two things in the same short phrase.


Finally! Someone who knows the translation is correct! Variants should probably be accepted, but, YES, "Is the cat the perfect animal?" is purrrfectly good, if slightly old-fashioned English. =^.^=


Its not about a specific cat so'a cat' and not 'the cat ' is more correct

[deactivated user]

    Its totally different translation in another similar sentence


    Do Finns really appreciate cats in the same way as Turkish people seem to?


    Not in any special way. They're popular pets, but so are many others.

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