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"Ranska todella on kaunis kieli."

Translation:French really is a beautiful language.

June 26, 2020



Why "French is a really beautiful language" is wrong?


The sentences "French is a really beautiful language" and "French really is a beautiful language" don't mean the same thing even though they are close. The same thing is true for the sentences "Ranska on todella kaunis kieli" and "Ranska todella on kaunis kieli". That's why "French really is a beautiful language" is the only right answer.


Why not "French is really a beautiful language" ?

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I wonder if somebody really says "Ranska todella on kaunis kieli". More fluent would be "Ranska on todella kaunis kieli"


They aren't the same. In "French is a really beautiful language," the word "really" modifies beautiful to magnify it. Compare "It's beautiful" to "It's really beautiful." The second sentence is emphasizes more beauty than the first.

Now look at "French really is a beautiful language." We aren't modifying beautiful, we are modifying "is." How does this work? Maybe I'm unsure whether French is beautiful, but then I start learning it and decide, oh yes, "French really IS a beautiful language. Is French beautiful? It is! It really is!"

See how they are different? The "really" is modifying different things.


in Finland we say "ranska on todella...." (not "ranska todella on..." )


French is really a beautiful language. It should be this way...


In English, it's better to say French is really a beautiful language. We put really next to the adj.


"French is a really beautiful language" should be accepted as well.


The question is... it is for some reason necessary to write todella before on or we can use it as we want?


My answer was asked to write in Finnish I did and keeps saying wrong. Try in English and is also wrong

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