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"Finnish really is a beautiful language."

Translation:Suomi todella on kaunis kieli.

June 26, 2020



Already stumbled on this a couple of times, as in this case the word order changes the meaning a bit:

  • Suomi todella on kaunis kieli. = Suomi really is a beautiful language. (you are agreeing with someone on the point)
  • Suomi on todella kaunis kieli. = Suomi is a really beautiful language. (you are stating an opinion)


Kiitoksia paljon, Timo!


Why isn't "Suomi niin on kaunis kieli" an accepted translation? Is it incorrect to use "niin on" in that way?


"Niin on" is an response to something. I would translate it to "Yeah, it is." However, "Suomi on niin kaunis kieli" would be a correct sentence. That would best be translated to something like "Finnish is so beautiful language."


Such a, instead of so


Ah, I got those two usages mixed up. Thanks for the explanation!


Olla verbi voi olla ennen tai jälkeen "todella" sana. The verb to be can go before or after the word really in Finnish. This and other sentences are unflexible with the verbs. In Finnish grammar, verbs can be placed before or after a subject or an adverb in a simple sentence.


Why can't you use tosi, instead of todella here ?


Good question! From what I understand, before an adjective "tosi" = "very" and "todella" = "really." Is there a difference between "really" and "very" in English? Yes, but it's subtle. "She did a really good job" = "She did a very good job," but "She really did a good job" works, but "She very did a good job" does not. This case is much the same. "Really" is modifying the verb, something that "very" (and "tosi") could not do.


Interesting theories Jim but I would say that you can use either todella or tosi, at least I would use and I'm a native speaker.


I think Suomi on todella kaunis keila should be accepted


I think you meant, "Suomi on todella kaunis kieli."

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