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"Tuo kanadalainen pingviini osaa pelata tosi hyvin jääkiekkoa."

Translation:That Canadian penguin can play ice hockey really well.

June 26, 2020



But Pittsburgh, home to both Duolingo and the Penguins, is not in Canada! :-p

(Where is the "This sentence is not compatible with the NHL universe" button?)


Mario Lemieux is Canadian. :)


Niiiice! I stand corrected :-)


"Know how to play" should be allowed


"knows how to play" is accepted.


Penguin is singular in this sentence so "knows" is correct.


Many of English translations have to have two options as adverb can move in the sentence


Then the sentence would mean something else than it currently does. "really" is not a "normal" adverb but a determiner in this sentence. The Finnish determiner tosi can only appear in front of an adjective or an adverb. If you start moving "really" around but keep "well" where it is, the Finnish sentence would use todella or tosiaan. :)

  • Hän osaa pelata jääkiekkoa tosi hyvin. He can play ice hockey really well.
  • Hän todella/tosiaan osaa pelata jääkiekkoa hyvin. He really can play ice hockey well.


Sorry to interrupt, as I place bets on this rink-side brawl, but if I were selecting from among an assortment of bears, wolverines, and penguins to form a hockey team, I might need to consider how "tama karhu pelata tosi hyvin maalivahdissa, kun tuo pingviini ja nuo ahmat ovat taitava hyökkäävässä" or vice-versa.

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