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"– A coffee? – And a pulla, please."

Translation:– Kahviko? – Ja pulla, kiitos.

June 26, 2020



Asking "Kahviko?" aren't you expecting a yes or a no? Shouldn't (/also) be "Kahvia?" as asking in general if you want some cofre?


"Kahviko" implies that it is a (cup of) coffee, not just any amount of coffee. That's the way you might say it if you are working in a coffee shop and making sure the customer wanted one cup of coffee. "Kahvia" would be when you have guests and you offer them some coffee.


Well if you respond "and a pulla, please" you are implying that you also want the coffee so you get the yes/no answer indirectly. And yeah, "Kahvia?" does sound more natural than "kahviko?"... the latter sounds like a confirmation question. You know, like asking if you heard the other person right. Don't know if my response clears anything up lol


Can you ask also only khavi? or it has to be kahvi-a or kahvi-ko since you asking a question?


Yep, you can also just say "Kahvi?". :)


I think the "ja" implies yes to coffee in the answer.

I'm not a native Finnish speaker but I've been learning the language for a while now and I think both "kahviko" and "kahvia" would be acceptable ways to phrase the question in certain contexts. But Duolingo is probably using "kahviko" in order to teach us how to use "-ko".


Yeah...these are these short, very common sentences that are almost more like grunts. Each person in the exchange is so aware of the limited options to be expressed, that the sentences aren't always formed according to proper grammar.

But since the English specifies "A" coffee, I think the Finnish has to be Kahvi(ko).

A more general question using just the word Coffee with a question mark or rising intonation would indeed be the partitive Kahvia(ko).


"Ko" after kahvi, is similar to "ko" after a verb to make a question? Like: onko hän valmis?


Yes! Ko is a common ending to form a question and can be used with many kinds of words, not just verbs.


Kahviko is not correct!!! You would only say -ko to clarify that it's coffee being offered. Kahvia or kuppi kahvia would be correct to offer coffee. Finnish is my mother tongue, by the way...


I think that pulla is a kind of brioche. Am I right ?


I’m french, I don't know how brioche is called in english.


It's a little bit like brioche but not as buttery. The key ingredient that gives pulla its notable flavor is cardamom.

And in English we just call brioche... brioche! :)


It's called brioche if you took French in high school, otherwise it's something they say in France.

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