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" Korjaatteko te tuolia? Korjaamme."

Translation:– Are you fixing the chair? – Yes, we are.

June 26, 2020



Creator, make sure to accept "We are" without "Yes" as well!


"Are you repairing the chair? We are."


Are you fixing A chair? -Wrong?


No, that's also correct. Report it.


This makes mores sense to me a -Are you fixing the chair -We are fixing the chair. If I wanted to say "yes we are" Kylla, on seems to be better


It can't be "on" since the verb isn't olla and the person isn't 3rd person singular.


Literally yes, but one learns here the usage of the language too.

When in English one gives an affirmative answer to a yes-no-question, it is customary to actually say the word "yes" (one can skip it, but it's less common and sounds a bit abrupt).

Meanwhile in Finnish "kyllä" is used notably less, when one affirms the question it is done with the repetition of the verb (or other word which is the key point asked).

Thus a neutral answer here in English is "yes, we are" but in Finnish "korjaamme" even though literally there is a difference...


"Are you repairing the chair? Yes I am", was wrong???

[deactivated user]

    Korjaamme indicates the we form. The translation can only be in the we form.


    'korjaatte(ko)' is also the plural you (y'all) form, so the response should be plural.


    It can also be used formally with one person, so "Korjaan" is possible, but since "korjaamme" was given, the English answer clearly has to be with "we".


    Broader question, but can "te" conjugations of verbs be correctly translated into English as "you all [insert verb]", or "y'all"?


    My understanding is that even in the American South, counterintuitive as it may be, "y'all" is singular. The plural form is "all y'all". At least that's what I've heard.


    "Y'all" is predominantly used in southeastern varieties of US English. I think Duolingo tries to stay standard for international users.


    That clears things up . Thank you Latcarf.


    Annoyingly, repair is apparently not a synonym of fix.

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