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"That wolverine lives in Australia."

Translation:Tuo ahma elää Australiassa.

June 26, 2020



Some other question about animals only accepted "elää" for "lives", is there any difference with "asua" in case of animals or are they interchangeable?


Not completely interchangeable I think. When you are referring to domesticated animals both are fine, but when talking about wild animals I would prefer "elää". In children's books and in many stories you might see more of the word "asua" being used when talking about wild animals. So yeah, both are fine and correct, but I just feel like the "elää" works better for wild animals.


I see, thank you, seems very similar to the difference between the Russian "жить/live" and "обитать/dwell, inhabit", so it's easy to understand for me.

In that case I think "elää" should have been accepted here.


Yeah, "elää" should definitely be acceptable answer.


I feel like they should change "asua" to "elää" when it comes to anything that is not an individual person or animal. I'm a native Finn and I mainly use "asua" about humans, I never say that a person "elää Australiassa". I might use "asua" about an animal only if e.g. the Wolverine is somewhat famous, maybe an animal who used to live in a zoo in another country and then was moved to somewhere else, that's when I'd say that "Se ahma asuu (nykyään) Australiassa." (se here could be translated into "the"; nykyään = nowadays) but again because there is no context for this phrase, it sounds a bit off but in a longer text that might still be okay.

///Edit: Anna was faster than me :)

[deactivated user]

    They should keep it consistent, I think having previously used elää with the animal examples they should not change to asua


    I have commented earlier on this sentence that wolverines do not live in Australia; I have never seen one in a zoo here either. We have the Tasmanian devil, slightly similar but quite a different animal.


    I think that this sentence is intended to be a humorous reference to the Australian actor, Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine in the X Men movies.


    I am so glad you brought this up! I have often been wondering who the target audience for this course is supposed to be. Many pet exercises seem to be meant for children, with the various animal noises. I know that I am a 'tosikko', taking certain things too seriously, but if this course is used by children, this particular sentence is not helpful. The child will think that wolverines live in Australia. This could result in something like 'I don't like polar bears because they eat penguins' - a real phrase an English adult once said to me, not realising that in real life polar bears never get close enough to penguins to eat them.


    I would only use asua for a pet or domesticated livestock, and I doubt that anyone keeps a pet wolverine, lol.


    I used elää in this question but only asuu would be accepted. Trying my best to not be confused with this language


    I have in the meanwhile found out that the Australian Hugh Jackman is known for playing Wolverine in the X-Men? series. So the sentence refers to a person, so -asuu-.

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