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"Harmaa velho kävelee metsässä. Vai onko hän valkoinen velho?"

Translation:The gray wizard walks in the forest. Or is he the white wizard?

June 26, 2020



I appreciate the Lord of the Rings reference :D


Gandalf or Saruman?


Definitely Gandalf. The one and only!


"a white wizard" should be accepted because "the white wizard" implies that he is some specific white wizard (either the only one in existence, or Gandalf the White mentioned earlier), and the sentence only means, most likely, that he is white rather than gray.


"A gray wizard walks in the forest" would be "Metsässä kävelee harmaa velho". Starting with "Harmaa velho" generally indicates that the wizard is a specific, known wizard.


Also leaving a comment about interchangeable articles. It took me three or four tries to get the exact right wording they wanted even though all of my translations were technically correct.


You shall not pass!!!


Ette tule ohittamaan!


The gray wizard is walking in the forest???


Harmaa velho juoksee luolassa. Worth the extra vocabulary word. (Did I use it correctly?) ETA:corrected my stupid conjugation mistake.


Shouldn't it be juoksee? But not sure. And do you want to say that he is running inside the cave or into the cave? Luolassa would he inside And luolaan should be into. As far as I know.


Yeah, "luolaan" would be "into a/the cave". "Luolasta" would be "from/out of a/the cave". :)

Illative: luolaan, kotiin, Suomeen, Ruotsiin, metsään

Elative: luolasta, kodista (kotoa), Suomesta, Ruotsista, metsästä


You are absolutely correct, juoksee. And I meant running around inside the cave, as in Lord of the Rings. Plus we haven't technically learned the grammar for running into or out of things yet. :)


Been waiting for this payoff since the words were all properly introduced.


You are tracking the footsteps of two young Hobbits. They passed this way, the day before yesterday; and they met someone they did not expect. Does that comfort you?


I didn't try this but i think it should also allow "or is it the white wizard?" And "or is that the white wizard?" (I.e. is it the white wizard that walks in the forest). Both would be a more natural way to say this English than "he"...

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