"Tu as raison d'en manger, c'est un bon aliment."

Translation:You are right to eat some of it; it's a good food.

June 26, 2020

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"It's a good food" is such a weird sentence it borders on being wrong English, but it's still useful to get a grasp of how the French mind would order the words in such a sentence; i.e., you'll end up remembering they say c'est un bon aliment rather than c'est bon aliment, as the English-speaking mind might intuitively put it. A different language is a different way of seeing and thinking; to expect perfect parallels between any two languages strikes me as somewhat naive.


"You are right to eat that, it is good food". Rejected.


If I were working at Duolingo, I'd probably just scrap this one and find another set of sentences to use instead. These ones are too awkward.


This is a very weird sentence. I don't see the point. Never heard anyone say such at thing.


Does the French sentence only mean "some of ot"


No. "You are right to eat some, it's a good food" is accepted.


you're right to each some, this is good food. Marked wrong!!!

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