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"Muusikko on pitkä ja laulu on myös pitkä."

Translation:The musician is tall and the song is long too.

June 26, 2020



My answer was " the musician is tall and the song is also long" and I received an error message.


Did you report it? It should get added as a correct answer, I think.


It is accepted now.


You should have answered in Finnish. However the Duo use of "too" would imply that the song is tall ! So you are right in that respect they should have used "also " in their translation..dubious sentence however you look at it


The same sentence is used in different exercises, so if you were asked to answer in Finnish, others get the Finnish sentence and have to answer in English.
It may be dubious in English, but in Finnish it is a pun - that simply does not work in English. Still, you have to translate it to show your knowledge.
What an interpreter can do at this point is saying to the audience: Yes, it sounds strange, but in Finnish it is a really funny pun, so if you would just laugh a bit, everyone will think I thought of a great way to translate this pun into English. ;o)


This is a "finnocisim". Makes sense in Finnish but not English. Tall and long cannot be used interchangeably.


Yup, that's why we need both long and tall in the song "Long Tall Sally."


I had a typo in the answer and there was no correction. I wrote muusiko instead of muusikko.


Yes, for reasons I'm not entirely clear on, in this lesson it stops accepting the typo "muusiko"


Can this also mean "... and the song is too long"?

Edit: never mind. I think that meaning would use "liian" rather than "myös", right?

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