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"J'aimais sa façon de me regarder dans les yeux."

Translation:I used to like his way of looking at me in the eyes.

June 26, 2020



Another poorly worded English sentence. It's sub google translate standard.


"...his way of looking into my eyes." much more English. I hope no non-native English speakers use this to improve their English !


A better English sentance would be "I used to like his way of looking into my eyes"


Marylane's translation is also a possibility but is less romantic. " to look someone in the eye " suggests being direct with them and not averting your eyes. "into my eyes" is romantic!


Not proper english - it would properly read "in the eye".


Im not one to complain... but man... this sentence is horrific in English. Hopefully the French isnt as bad.. wouch.


Maybe more like i used to like the way he would look me in the eyes.


I enjoy....where is the word enjoy in the lust provided?. Enjoy is not there


"I liked the way he looked me in the eyes" accepted. Much more common (American) English.


Yet another "copy and paste if you want to get it right" Duo sentences ... arrgh!


Mmm, Duo I did ponder at which way the wording was likely to be taken as correct for it can often be spoken either way... "I used to like his way of looking at me in the eyes." or " I used to like his way of looking in the eyes at me." ; He looked me in the eyes ; He searched me in the eyes. Ah yes, I remember well when that was young life!

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