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  5. "musta koira"

"musta koira"

Translation:a black dog

June 26, 2020



I thought you are testing my finnish skills not my english. It says musta koira = black dog. Sure i can add a to the front and make it a black dog but the fact is musta koira is an acceptable answer too.


Well, true, but as Finnish doesn't use articles, the definiteness or indefineteness of something is just implied, and English does, it makes more sense to have the article there, although in this case (with no context) both "a" and "the" are equally fine.

"Se on musta koira" (it's a black dog)

"Musta koira on nopea" (the black dog is fast)


Simply Black Dog should be perfect


why do i need "a" before this?


So many dogs and no cats

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