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  5. "Millainen undulaatti se on?"

"Millainen undulaatti se on?"

Translation:What kind of parakeet is it?

June 26, 2020


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If you refer to the word "millainen", it can be understood as an alternative expression of "minkälainen". It consists of the words minkä and lainen which pretty much correspond directly to "what" "kind".

Minkä tyyppinen se on? - (of) what type is it?
Minkä värinen se on? - (of) what color is it?

It's a convention to write a pronoun and lainen together without a space, e.g. minkälainen, kaikenlainen, samanlainen (source [fi]).


dude idk parakeet species do you like the bird or not?


Shouldent the se and on be switched?


Subject-verb inversion is not necessary in questions that begin with an interrogative word, unlike in English.


Why not "Which kind of ..."?

I reported my answer as "should have been accepted". However, is there a reason why it shouldn't be accepted?

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It sounds just fine. AFAIK, in Finnish there is very little distinction between English what and which, if any at all.


Does undulaatti actually mean the specific small species of parrot or has the person who made the sentence just translated it as parakeet instead of parrot?


Undulaatti refers to a specific species (Melopsittacus undulatus). In American English (which Duo prefers) it's usually just called parakeet even though that's actually a larger family of species. Elsewhere it's called budgerigar.


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