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"The parrots, the cat ate them!"

Translation:Les perroquets, le chat les a mangés !

June 26, 2020



Why is it mangés and not mangé? It isn't an être verb


Past participles of verbs using avoir do agree with the direct object when that direct object is placed before the verb in the sentence.

     Le chat a mangé les perroquets.
     Le chat les a mangés.


Thank you Jojo for clarifying this.

Here's a note to Duolingo team: can we have the "tips and lessons "section back, as we did in the previous sessions? When there's such an important knowledge point that we all need to learn, it just doesn't feel right to see everyone bumped and seeking each other's help in the forum ...


same reasoning with the other example question ""Ces vêtements de luxe, je les ai volés." the "voles" puzzles me for quite a while


Yes the given sentence looks and sounds right.
I just don't remember ever learning this rule in sixteen months of daily Duo.
If i can't lay the blame on Duo, it has to be Covid brain.


You.don't have to blame anyone. This is intermediate French and very confusing. This is the time when we're supposed to learn it. It is "sprung" on us because Duo uses a naturalistic teaching style.

If you prefer more formal instruction (I do), its pretty easy to find formal explanations elsewhere on the Internet:



What's wrong with 'the cat ate the parrots'?


It says that there is a typo in my answer. mangea instead of manges?


You typed manges instead of mangés.

If you used the (required) accent marks this bug wouldn't be an issue for you.


Why not, le chat en a mangé


this module is using the construction of verbs in the past tense and indirect object, where there needs to be accord of the verb, hence the plural. not "the cat ate some" rather the cat ate them" (pl)


My answer is correct, but the app is not reading it correctly.


am I the only one who doesn't get what this lesson is trying to teach? Because I sure DON'T

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