"They'll be in danger if we don't help them."

Translation:Ils seront en danger si nous ne les aidons pas.

June 26, 2020

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I wrote it exactly that way and was marked wrong. how can I fix this?


It's important for you to copy your answer and include it in your post. Otherwise no one knows what you entered and no one can help you determine if Duo goofed or if you made a mistake you didn't see. I've almost never caught Duo in a mistake. Sometimes I have to stare at my answer several times before I see what I did wrong. If my answer is one of the additional acceptable answers (i.e., not the main answer Duo shows), I have to compare carefully.


"Ils seront en danger si nous les ne aidons pas." was dinged because "les" wasn't between NE and PAS. What major faux pas is that?


You need to learn the proper word order to build a sentence. But, yes, it's confusing sometimes with pronouns and negation.


Tout de même, I'd bet money that a Français would understand it anyway, n'est pas?


This is how your sentence may sound like:

They'll be in danger if we don't them help.

You understood the sentence, for sure. But is that how you want to speak ?


(smile) ... no, but then, I know I'll never speak like a native. I'm 76, and don't expect to ever travel to a French speaking country before I die. What I would like though, is to be able to understand written, and especially, SPOKEN French before that time comes. (PS ...thanks for telling me how my dumb sentence would sound to a native.)

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