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"La imagen que se utiliza para cubrir el escritorio."

Translation:The image that is used to cover the desk.

May 13, 2013



Not a complete sentence?


Which annoys me. :(


Can anyone tell me if this means anything in English. Perhaps they are decoupaging.


If it was "desktop"/monitor screen it might make more sense to me. But I guess we could literally take it as an image painted on a desk. My nephews have a small table with Mickey Mouse stuff painted on it. Dreaming up context I guess this could be a sweatshop in China making that table, a desk and lot other crap and someone is specifying one specific image(the desk one) for some purpose that was mentioned before this sentence. Maybe it was "Hey I need that image to sell to the knockoff sweatshop that I sell our company's secrets too. Which one?"


Well at least you see my dilema. The Mickey Mouse stuff on your nephews desk is not covering the desk though it is decorating the desk.


I would not over think any of these sentences. Many were probably assembled using software. It undoubtedly is technically very hard to start with a list of the most common words and try to make coherent sentences out of all them. I want to write a short story out of just the words covered in the skill tree when I finish the tree to see if I could do better. Cheap wood products are mostly particle board with laminated surfaces so It could be similar to decoupaging and "cover" might make sense in that context.


I love the story that's unfolded in my tree - so far my owl has fed a menagerie of animals, insects and sea life cheese, milk and beer, tried to attract people to his bedroom, started a revolution, been arrested and thrown in prison, joined the witness protection program, chatted up someone's girlfriend, and been thrown out by his wife and made to sleep on the sofa. Pictures covering desks is quite normal! Is it supposed to make me cry with laughter?!?!


well, it's a stage production, and the author is asleep at his desk and a video projection over the desk shows his dream, and.....


If "picture" is not acceptable for "imagen" then perhaps it shouldn't be listed as one of the translations.


I totally agree. "Picture" in English can also refer to a design or image, so it should be accepted. Also, I used "which" instead of "that" and it was marked as an error. I was taught to use "who" or "whom" for people and "which" for inanimate objects and that "that", although accepted, was sloppy.


I wrote "the image uses itself to cover the desk." and was marked wrong. I think I understand Duolingo's answer, but I dont understand Duo's process/reasoning in getting to its answer. I thought SE means the verb acts for/upon the subject. Hence the " ....uses itself..." answer of mine. Please explain how utiliza turns into the past tense USED? Thanks


In this case, it's not past tense, but passive voice. If I do something, that's active. If something is done by me, that's passive. In English we use participles for that, but "se" with a verb can do that in Spanish.


The use of participles isn't relevant to the verb being active or passive. Perhaps instead of participles you intended 'auxiliaries'. e.g I eat, I am being eaten; I call, I am called; I fell, I was felled. Each of the passive forms use an auxiliary verb. "Being" might be called a participle - but only in form, not function. A further difficulty with Manny's terminology is that English-speaking students are often (wrongly) taught that participles are verbs ending in -ing; this ignores the passive participles (Read throughout Australia, the newspaper ... "Read" is a passive participle.) Despite my apprehension about what MannyOD says about participles, his comment about the "se" is 'spot on'.


"Utilize"/"utilise" should work here too!


it did in Feb 2014


it did in Feb 2014


I said "the image that he uses to cover the desk." Good or no?


Nah see now the 'se' isn't doing anything in the sentence. If the 'se' wasn't there your sentence would be totally correct! Your translation is "active" while this spanish one is "passive" as described by MannyOD above.




can this mean a desktop background picture? Or only something on an actual desk?


What is wrong with "The image that one uses to cover the desk."


or - 'that they use to cover the desk'


I would really like things that end in a period to be a sentence, even if said sentence makes no sense in the real world. There are many things that have presented with no periods. Please be consistent!


Why it is not accepted; The image is used to cover the desk? Sentence is passive as I can see 'se' there If I don't put 'is' how can I express the passiveness The correct answer doesn't make a sense I suppose

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Whet is wrong with the image "that one uses"?


Why is se used here??


what image covers a desk?


so weird a sentence that I just gave up ....WHAT???


the snail audio does not work


Is this a sentence that gives meaning??


This sentence is ridiculous. How can one learn a language from senseless phrases??

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